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高嶺と花 3 I am giving this one four stars for the stellar comedy and Takane's character as a whole ( on that later), but I need to air a serious grievance I have with this series but with this particular volume Hana is easily one of the most infuriating dense at love characters I have ever witnessed She is constantly questioning why Takane does/says things, and has to be told by her friends why he does/says even though SHE IS THE ONE SPENDING TIME WITH HIM I'm sorry, but how are her two friends, who granted have spent some time with him,knowledgeable about his motives/actions/statements than the person spending the MOST time with him?! I understand she has probably never been in love up to this point, but considering she knows how she should be treated and is aware that his romantic gestures are not the norm, how is she still so oblivious to his true intentions? Not to mention the multiple times when Hana thinks, Is he? Does this mean? and yes I get that romance manga heroines are going to have these thoughts, but after the tenth time she does this I wanted to shake her and yell, NO S#@, SHERLOCK!!! Because of course she was right every single time, which also comes across as lazy writing in my book Let the characters' actions and reactions speak for themselves, don't spell it out for the audience I knwo I shouldn't be getting this worked up over this, but having read romance manga that do this concept better (and with less irritation felt) I can't ignore it Oh, and the audience is formally introduced to the childhood love interest in this volume, which I will now rant about:The problem with Okamon (the childhood love interest) is that he is everything that annoys me about this trope He's not that interesting, he (as of right now) doesn't have a particular reason why he loves Hana, he just does, and while his reasons for disliking Takane are valid, it is only on this trip that he decides to vocalize his feelings I don't know about the rest of the world, but if my childhood friend whom I have been secretly in love with was falling for a prideful, selfish, arranged marriage candidate ten years older than her, I would have said something MUCH sooner Instead, he waits til now to say something and basically sulks Awesome Hana is of course completely oblivious to his feelings, which just makes thisinfuriating If you want to read a romance manga series with this trope handle waaay better, read Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts It's amazing, totally check it out.Shameless promotion aside, I want to talk about what I liked about this volume Takane's character really shines in this volume, highlighting his workaholic side and how it comes back to bite him I love the fact that readers get to see him work hard, not just told With characters like Takane, often they are wealthy without trying or readers never see them actually work, but Shiwasu shows how hard he works I really appreciate that and it makes me like his character evenI love seeing him tutor Hana, even when he's working so hard It's great to see such a prideful character feel responsible for someone's problems and be so willing to fix it But my favorite scene was when Takane tells Okamon not to ruin the trip for Hana, even though he hates Takane It really shows how mature and caring he is, wanting to ensure Hana's satisfaction even though it will be difficult I also want to note that the comedy was really on par this volume I was worried since last volume didn't do as well, but this volume was truly enjoyable and funny.This was a good volume, despite my gripes I don't know whether any of my issues will be resolved in later volumes, but I still do really enjoy this series Looking forward to what the next volume has in store! Still loving how cute the story is And Takane looked so handsome with glasses on. Check outmanga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a WriterAs this is a multivolume series my opinion is also influenced by the previous volumes And there may be references to the plot of those volumes SO READ WITH CARE! Here is my review of volume one and volume twoHana is pressed into a marriage meeting with Takane, a scion of a business empire, impersonating her sister to save her father's job! Ready to put that fiasco behind her Hana is shocked that Takane actually seems interested in her! She is exasperated by his immaturity but intrigued despite herself at the fun she has as they try to outwit one anotherI didn't know what to expect going into Takane and Hana vol 3 but I sure was EXCITED!! These two have totally won my heart they have some HUGE trials to surmount before they can be together officially but its a JOURNEY I want to take with them as they find their way And in this volume we go lighter and incorporate the friends!! YES!! I have been waiting for this moment! Hana's friends have been on the edges and we've met them but not really done much together that is all about to change and best of all it make Takane feel things!! Hana likes Takane but she also realize she's a high school student and has a long way to go before she's ready to date let alone fall in love And yet isn't she already falling?! That is the delectable balance that is being ridden right now because Takane is also perfectly aware of these facts but can't help himself because she's the one that keeps him on his toes We see him get vulnerable without any walls and its gorgeous! It makes you salivate to seeof that man while also making you appreciate his prickily exterior as you anticipate Hana having to give the good fight!What really wowed me in this volume was how the friends threatened what these two have without any overboard drama and while also showcasing what makes both characters so relatable! (Yes, sorry I'm gushing without telling you any of the details You'll have to read it then if you want to know !) I particularly love Souma Okamoto who took this opportunity to step up and take some actions in regards to his affections While this childhood friend trope is used quite often I find it particularly intriguing with the natural barriers in Takane and Hana's relationship! How will Yuki Shiwasu surprise us now?!Okay its time to rave about the ARTTTTTTT! At first the art seemed just typical manga art, nothing special but then I noticed the expressions and framing Shiwasu used!! Takane and Hana's expressions in particular are dynamite then in this volume I started to notice the comedy frames they are so freakin' adorable!! They really add another layer to the story that makes it particularly addicting And the character designs for the friends are quite good andimportantly memorable!! Really you can't go wrong with the story or the art in Takane and Hana vol 3!I'm so, so happy to squeeeee and fangirl all over these two Friends are an integral part of our lives so if the friends don't work then a relationship is already on rocky ground we explore that in a fun and dynamic way in Takane and Hana vol 3!! We're just getting started with this line of conflict and I'm super excited to see where Yuki Shiwasu takes us I know we're in good hands if only volume 4 would COME OUT ALREADY!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Authenticity⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tension⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Plot⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ArtBOTTOM LINE: The Friends add ALL THE TENSION to Takane and Hana's relationship!! Thanks to Edelweiss and VIZ Media for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review This has not influenced my opinion.You can find this review and many others on my book blog @ Perspective of a Writer See my manga and graphic novel reviews in a special feature called Saturday Morning Cartoons This title continues a downward slide as it plays out on two different layers.On the surface, the willful, 16yearold Belle standin continues to bicker with her bristly Beast with lessening intensity as they coast through shojo cliches like the introduction of rivals, TLC for a cold, a summer vacation trip to the beach, and a night at a festival with yukata and fireworks They are well on the way to their there's something there that wasn't there before moment.Underneath that (as in the Disney movie) the creepiness lurks, as the rich, 26 yearoldsuitor who can fire the girl's father with a word is given permission by the terrified and obsequious parents to sleep over in her room and take her on a three day sleepover trip to a fancy resort So the couple is well on the way to their #metoo moment also.The energy of the first volume left me conflicted about whether this could work out in the end, but that energy is mostly gone, as is my patience. 3.75/5 starsReview of volumes 15.Takane and Hana follows a 16yearold girl named Hana Nonomura who attends an arranged marriage meeting to Takane Saibara, 26yearold heir of a successful business group, in her adult older sister’s place After a very unsuccessful meeting, Takane continues to want to see Hana, much to her dismay Thus begins their unlikely relationship.Starting with the positives, Takane and Hana’s strength really lies with its main characters Hana is not your average shoujo protagonist in that she’s feisty, can be smart when she puts in the effort, and she doesn’t put up with anyone’s nonsense Takane has an incredibly overinflated ego, and has trouble getting closer to others Together they make for a very amusing dynamic, with both characters often reluctant to express the dearer sentiments they have towards each other Their interest in each other, while often hard to define, is also really believable and the sweet moments the two sometimes share and the way in which their relationship slowly begins to change make them relatively easy to root for As well, while I’m not a fan of age gap romances, I think this is an instance where it’s well handled in the sense that the characters are very aware of the age gap and it isn’t ever something that is brushed aside I like that the characters often talk about it and their awareness gives me the impression that there are boundaries they won’t be crossing I also love how this series has gone about with its rivals Okamon is extremely likeable, he’s incredibly sweet and kind to Hana and he gives the impression that he’s a character who really cares for others Once he realizes Hana isn’t playing around with Takane he tries his best to look out for her So far, from what I think is respect for Hana, he hasn’t pushed his own feelings onto Hana and I admire his character for this I also really liked Shiwasu’s take on Hana’s rival The two communicated really well and I appreciated that they cared about Takanethan they cared about a rivalry The art is another strong point of the series The character designs are cute and with enough variation that I don’t ever confuse two different characters Shiwasu uses her art effectively with her story, in that facial expressions are well placed, and chibis heighten comedic moments While it’s not my favourite art, I definitely enjoy looking at it Now for the negatives I’ve gone back and forth over my decision as to whether or not I wanted to see this series through to the end, but I’ve ultimately decided to stop after five volumes While Takane and Hana undeniably has its charms and cute moments it really rubs me the wrong way how Hana is always expecting the worst from Takane While I’m sure this is an aspect that will change over time, and while Takane’s past transgressions are what led her to this mindset, its still not something I enjoy reading and would rather see a romance in which the main characters are kinder to each other.Also, while I do feel somewhat invested in Takane and Hana’s relationship, I’m apathetic towards Hana’s and Takane’s respective friends (with the exception of Okamon) I find that when the focus of the story shifts to side characters I often lose interest They just aren’t as well fleshed out as our main protagonists and feel very flat in comparison At this point I don’t think this series has quite hit its stride, it doesn’t quite feel like sliceoflife in that it tries to have story arcs, but overall it doesn’t feel cohesive enough that I’d say there’s really a story going on either Obviously I can’t say whether this improves over time, but it is an aspect I didn’t particularly enjoy.Lastly, and this is a pretty big deal breaker for me when it comes to romantic comedies, I found that the jokes didn’t work for me They’re cute enough to get a smile out of me, but it bothers me that I find the extra/bonus 4koma funnier than the jokes that appear in the actual story This is a matter of preference, and I have heard from others that this series is hilarious, so could very much just be me Given the popularity of this series I do think its worthwhile to check it out to see if it does work for you, it just didn’t for me personally Blog | Instagram (main account) | Instagram (manga account) | Twitter This volume had some classics situations from anime and manga, including one of the couple getting sick and the other (rather incompetently) taking care of them and a trip to the beach The chapter with Takane tutoring Hana made me like him better, but then he's such a giant butt during the beach storyline that I ended up this volume rather disliking Takane He'sof a child than his 10 years younger girlfriend is, and I don't find much to admire in him… I'm probably done with this series, as I don't really see the point in reading about a hero that I really dislike :/ I don't know how it's possible, but I found this one to be the most hilarious one yet! These two are the most comedic I've read about in a long time I was actually laughing so hard I was crying because of it It was great The story in this one is actually really sweet and funny (I still am in denial about the age difference Remember; he's 21 and she's 1819ish It makes it better) The ending is to die for!!!! So sweet of him to do that! Basically, this is a sweet but hilarious manga about a couple who met by an arranged marriage meeting. Omg, I'm literally in love with Takane to Hana😍They're incredible and adorable I've laughed so much that I swear I couldn't breathe😂 Honestly, Hana's childhood friend, Okamoto, is the one who made me like this volume so much I wantof him! Popular E Book, 高嶺と花 3 By Yuki Shiwasu This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book 高嶺と花 3, essay by Yuki Shiwasu Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? 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