The Tenth Girl

The Tenth GirlSimmering in Patagonian myth, The Tenth Girl is a gothic psychological thriller with a haunting twist At the very southern tip of South America looms an isolated finishing school Legend has it that the land will curse those who settle there But for Mavi a bold Buenos Aires native fleeing the mili

His Hideous Heart

His Hideous HeartThirteen of YA s most celebrated names reimagine Edgar Allan Poe s most surprising, unsettling, and popular tales for a new generation.Edgar Allan Poe may be a hundred and fifty years beyond this world, but the themes of his beloved works have much in common with modern young adult fiction Whether

The Monster of Elendhaven

The Monster of ElendhavenThe city of Elendhaven sulks on the edge of the ocean Wracked by plague, abandoned by the South, stripped of industry and left to die But not everything dies so easily A thing without a name stalks the city, a thing shaped like a man, with a dark heart and long pale fingers yearning to wrap aroun

Where the Blame Lies

Where the Blame LiesAbducted Terrorized Imprisoned At nineteen years old, college student Josie Stratton was kidnapped by a madman and held shackled for ten months in an abandoned warehouse before she finally escaped her hellish prison Eight years later, when the body of a young woman is found chained in the baseme

Only Ashes Remain (Market of Monsters, #2)

Only Ashes Remain (Market of Monsters, #2)After escaping her kidnappers and destroying the black market where she was held captive, all Nita wants is to find a way to live her life without looking over her shoulder But with a video of her ability to self heal all over the dark web, Nita knows she s still a prime target on the black market.

Cruel Boy

Cruel BoyRich boys sin best Gossip always goes around at Falcon Elite Prep Everyone knows Nate Wilson, the most popular football quarterback and every girl s crush But there s behind those drop dead gorgeous eyes and that killer smile He s a notorious heartbreaker And he s got his eyes set on me.

The Divers' Game

The Divers' GameFrom the inimitable mind of award winning author Jesse Ball, a novel about an unsettlingly familiar society that has renounced the concept of equality and the devastating consequences of unmitigated powerThe old fashioned struggle for fairness has finally been abandoned It was a misguided endeavor.

Wife (Betrothed, #1)

Wife (Betrothed, #1)I was twenty one when the gypsy read my future As punishment for your crimes, you will only love one womanbut she ll never love you back I didn t believe a word of it Until I met Sofia Romano almost ten years later I fell hard for this woman Would die for this woman But she left me Now yea


CollateralGabriela Stefan Sabbioni showed up in my bedroom on my sixteenth birthday Uninvited, he stood in the shadows smelling of whiskey and death and wrapped a broken, blood crusted necklace around my neck I thought he d strangle me with it That night, he left a message for my father He said he d be ba

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