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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook Cabinetmaking at the highest level is an art, a discipline, a philosophy even a way of life in addition to being a useful craft In this book one of the greatest living cabinetmakers reflects on the deeper meanings of his craft and explains for less accomplished workers how the right attitudes toward materials, tools, and time can increase the joys of this complex activity Craftspeople in every medium will be inspired by this account of getting started and developing habits that lessen the difficulties of a complex craft

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    A thoroughly enjoyable, pleasant, yet thought provoking book that both resonated with me as a woodworker, and simultaneously reminded me how much of an inauthentic, insufficiently devoted, hobby woodworker I am as so many seem when compared to James Krenov I learned the most from, and most appreciated, the detail on Krenov s working process how he looks at and se

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    A book that asksquestions than it answers, for me But, the work on display in this book is beautiful and inspirational.

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    Tough read but informative

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    My love of woodworking attracted me to James Krenov s book, but my appreciation for his philosophy and the appeal of his clear simple English draws me back again and again Perhaps had I read it when I was 22 years old, I would have pursued a different career perhaps not It s hard to tell someone something when they are 22 For years, I made semi annual trips to a large shopping mall

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    what a gifted artist woodworker The different approaches of curved doors and supports, minimal hinges, and the painstaking approach to the beautiful use of wood A master indeed Inspiring for the rest of us.

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    One of the classics,about a approach to woodworking and examples of fine work, and how he changes details of the work based on his feeling at the time, the grain and other characteristics of the wood, etc Not a detailed here s how to build these ten items.

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    Changed my life s path

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    An inspiration Expanded the possibilities of creating.

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    Maybe three and a half It is all philosophy, not technical discussion I m not totally on board with all of it, but neither did it get tiring.

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