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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn The Beloved American Classic About A Young Girl S Coming Of Age At The Turn Of The Century, Betty Smith S A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Is A Poignant And Moving Tale Filled With Compassion And Cruelty, Laughter And Heartache, Crowded With Life And People And Incident The Story Of Young, Sensitive, And Idealistic Francie Nolan And Her Bittersweet Formative Years In The Slums Of Williamsburg Has Enchanted And Inspired Millions Of Readers For Than Sixty Years By Turns Overwhelming, Sublime, Heartbreaking, And Uplifting, The Daily Experiences Of The Unforgettable Nolans Are Raw With Honesty And Tenderly Threaded With Family Connectedness In A Work Of Literary Art That Brilliantly Captures A Unique Time And Place As Well As Incredibly Rich Moments Of Universal Experience

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    Some books give young girls dreams of ponies, kittens, and visions of eternal love This book is not one of them.If I were to make a metaphor, this book would be the equivalent of the ice bucket challenge It offers no platitudes, it is harsh, realistic It slaps you in the face with reality, a reality that is very rarely pleasant.And it

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    Dear God, let me be something every minute of every hour of my life Let me be gay let me be sad Let me be cold let me be warm Let me be hungryhave too much to eat Let me be ragged or well dressed Let me be sincere be deceitful Let me be truthful let me be a liar Let me be honorable and let me sin Only let me be something every blessed minut

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    Yup, I m reading it AGAIN I sob, and I mean sob, every time I read this book It s such a simple story Francie Nolan is a smart little girl who s trying to find beauty in her sometimes ugly, always poverty stricken life Her adored father is wonderful, but too plagued by his own demons to support his family Her mother loves her children fiercely bu

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    During my adolescent years a short run program on television was Brooklyn Bridge, a show about life in Brooklyn during the 1950s The last line of the show s theme song was that place just over the Brooklyn Bridge will always be home to me When I think of Brooklyn, my mind goes back to awholesome time when city children could stay out late and parents did not have

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    Well, the tree grows very slowly and with exhaustive detail.Couldn t get through this one Actually, that s not entirely true I could have And I don t mean that in the way of a mountain climber who just couldn t make it to the top and then warps reality by looking back at it No, it slike couldn t as in I couldn t eat another hashbrown from my McDonald s breakfast Sure, I

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    Loved it from page 1Slow paced and really descriptive but I loved it.I really enjoyed learning about life back then for the NolansHighs and lows of life and daily experience I was so emotionally attached to Francie She was a brillant character and I loved her to pieces

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    My story of this book I never read this back during my school days though I was probably given the opportunity I had two elective English classes where we were given a choice between three books, this was probably one but I chose another Sometime within the passing years I bought a copy and put it in the book shelf that is next to my television, where it has stared at me for years,

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    Betty Smith s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn has been passed down through at least three or four generations and is highly regarded as a classic novel perfect for any young adult bent on entering adulthood and escaping from the gaping clutches of a complicated childhood While it was not for those reasons that I first picked up Brooklyn, I came to regard it as one of the finest books that I had

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