A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump's Testing of America

A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump's Testing of America The definitive insider narrative and the most fully characterised account yet of the chaos, scandal and destruction of Trump s first term, from two Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post journalistsDrawing on nearly three years of reporting, hundreds of hours of interviews and than two hundred sources, including some of the most senior members of the administration, friends and first hand witnesses who have never spoken before, Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig take us inside some of the most controversial moments of Trump s presidency They peer deeply into Trump s White House at the aides pressured to lie to the public, the lawyers scrambling to clear up norm breaking disasters, and the staffers whose careers have been reduced to ashes to paint an unparalleled group portrait of an administration driven by self preservation and paranoia Rucker and Leonnig reveal Trump at his most unvarnished, showing the unhinged decision making and incompetence that has floored officials and stunned foreign leaders They portray unscripted calls with Vladimir Putin, steak dinners with Kim Jong un, and calls with Theresa May so hostile that they left her aides shaken They also take a hard look at Robert Mueller, Trump s greatest antagonist to date, and how his investigation slowly unravelled an administration whose universal value is loyalty not to country, but to the president himself

About the Author: Philip Rucker

Philip James Madelen Rucker is an American reporter and the White House Bureau Chief at The Washington Post, where he has been working since 2005 He currently covers the Trump administration for the Post, and has previously covered Donald Trump s successful 2016 presidential campaign and Mitt Romney s unsuccessful 2012 presidential campaign.

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    For me, the past three years or so, during Donald Trump s so called leadership, have been hellish, but also hellishly blurry I recall reading somewhere White House strategist Steve Bannon remarking that his war against the media his term was to flood the gates with bullshit so that the real agenda could squeak through Noam Chomsky has made a similar point, arguing that, whether c

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    This book chronicles Donald Trump s pathway to the Presidency, from the moment he rode down the escalator to announce his candidacy to the revelation of the phone call he made to the president of the Ukraine It is co written by two NY Times reporters who are winners of multiple Pulitzer Prizes for journalism It includes 15 pages of notes at the end as well as hundreds of quoted assessme

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    HEADLINE July 8, 2020 Trump Threatens to Cut Funding if Schools Do Not Fully ReopenHEADLINE June 26, 2020Amid a pandemic, President Donald Trump and some red states want the Supreme Court to declare the Affordable Care Act unconstitutionalHEADLINE June 28, 2020Workers removed thousands of social distancing stickers before Trump s Tulsa rally, according to video and a person familiar with the s

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    The latest Donald Trump expose published today is A Very Stable Genius , by Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig They re part of a political reporting team at the Post that has won a Pulitzer Prize and Leonnig has won two Pulitzer prizes on her own Both appear frequently on MSNBC and are acknowledged as excellent reporters I m putting in the authors bona fides to establish their

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    This best seller which documents how the Trump presidency gradually lost its guard rails somehow failed to sell itself with me Sure, I d recommend it to anybody who s been in a coma for the last three years, but not to any one like me, who keeps up with the news and has taken note of each fresh horror perpetrated by Generalissimo Trumpo I discovered few new facts here, fewer insights, and since it is writte

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    A good dystopian novel requires building a future world with just enough recognizable elements to lend credibility to an otherwise unknown future A good dystopian novel also requires setting a context so that readers can understand just how this future world occurs.Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig s A Very Stable Genius Donald J Trump s Testing of America fails at these tasks The fictional dystopia portrayed by Ruc

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    A good review of some of the most significant and provocative aspects of the last 3 years of the Trump administration The authors do a good job in providing acomplete picture of what s happening behind the scenes of this chaotic administration It seems to me that most people who will be reading this book are voracious consumers of political news, so the vast majority of the material will be a review, though withdetail th

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    I hadn t intended to read this book I d already read Fire and Fury and Fear and had rather come to the conclusion that reading any book focused on the one I prefer referring to as The Thing would be an exercise in reading about A Black Hole and how much can you learn when reading about a black hole Apparently next to nothing In this particular case, you can of course learn about the perfection of its darkness, the depth of its

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    Anyone who has regularly followed the Washington Post will not find too much new material in this book but authors Rucker and Leonnig have researched, verified and presented the material in a way that it reads like a prosecutor s closing argument Even recalling these events when they were first reported, hearing them recounted again one right after the other boggles the mind that one individual could treat the highest office in the wo

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    Riveting and HorrifyingThe writing is good It is backed up by an extensive bibliography The Kindle edition allows for easy use of the index that follows the narrative And, it s very easy to read I was unable to put this book down, despite a roiling stomach and not a few panic attacks Over the course of two days, in spurts and starts, I read about a President who has pushed the norms further and further from once accepted and honored American

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