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A Warrior's Taking A love that can transcend time AD Brogan Mac Lochlainn has heard of a magical stone that bestows great powers Now the slaying of his father, the chieftain, has placed the clan s protection in Brogan s hands and he will brave any danger to possess the stone But only the strongest sorcery will carry the fearless Scottish warrior to the talisman for it is hidden in Ravenfield, an English estateyears in the futureSarah Granger is wary yet shamelessly intrigued by the near naked stranger she discovers washed upon the beach His tale is one the beautiful governess can scarcely fathom yet never have her passions been so stirred by any man Sarah knows in her heart and soul her destiny lies with this seductive barbarianBut an unrelenting evil has followed Brogan from ancient times and he must battle it to the death to save the breathtaking beauty who is becoming precious to him than the magic he crossed centuries to claim

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    Some books successfully combine two orgenres This book is definitely not one of them Warrior s Taking reads at the start like a fantasy novel, then morphs into an historical romance with a fantasy slant that doesn t work Did Maguire have so many ideas that she couldn t decide what to leave in or take out Where, oh where, was her editor Even worse, the characters lack dimens

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    The heroine has no had an easy life but she is resilient and determined to provide a loving home for her 2 young charges who have recently lost their own father Never will they endure the horrors she had when she was left penniless and put into a girls school that didn t feed her of keep her warm in the winter So, now that all of their futures are once again in question, she work

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    I don t remember why I bought A Warrior s Taking It s been in my to read pile for awhile, so I read it this weekend I almost left it as a DNF around page 80, but I almost never do that, since some books redeem themselves by the end This one didn t It did have a happy ending, but it needed an epilogue, which is absent, since there is a sequel I won t be reading that one, certainly view

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    Actually, it was well written and well thought out Unlike anything I have ever read I would say easily a 4 possibly even a 5.

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    This is the book that made me a permanent fan of Margo Macquire This book as an original and fascinating story line that goes full throttle from the first chapter on What I love about this author is that she does not take time to explain the circumstances to a reader she goes straight for the plot and expects the reader to be intelligent enough to get what is going on At the same time she develops

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    I m about three quarters through the book, and I m having a hard time staying with it Initially, I was sucked in great concept and good start with an interesting world concept, but it began to drag somewhere near the half way mark He keeps searching for a relic in her time, and she knows something s odd with him but hasn t figured it out yet It strikes me that the author was hard pressed to keep them ap

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    Interesting time travel romance Hero is from a Druzai culture around the year 981 some ancient magic kingdom in another realm Heroine is young destitute English woman in 1813, trying desperately to make ends meet for two orphaned girls left in her charge.Most of the story revolves around the comings and goings of the hero searching for a magic stone around the ruins of the local castle, Ravenfield while eludi

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    The beginning of this book confused the hell out of me and I had for force myself to read the first half The last half was muchenjoyable until I reached then end and poof The conflict was resolved so unlikely and we never found out what really happened to the hero and heroine I am searching for a sequel or prequel that will help me understand the story better.

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    A very enjoyable read Time travel is not usually my thing, but this one was very good A woman finds a near naked man washed up on a shore and helps him to find a talisman to save his hoime in 10th century Scotland Recommended.

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    Quite a nice bend in the historical genre I m not usually that fond of time travel subplots, but the device was quite seamlessly integrated into the story.

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