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A Year of Living Prayerfully Is Anyone Listening Do My Prayers Really Change Anything Jared Brock Sensed That Something Was Missing In His Prayer Life, So He Embarked On A Yearlong Journey To Rediscover The Power Of Prayer And Eat Some Delicious Falafel.FOLLOW JARED ON A 37,000 MILE TRIP AROUND THE WORLD AS HE Dances With Hasidic Jews In Brooklyn Discovers The 330 Year Old Home Of Brother Lawrence Burns His Clothes At The End Of The World Attends The World S Largest Church Attempts Fire Walking With Only Minor Burns Although Up To 90% Of Us Pray, Very Few Of Us Feel Like We Ve Mastered Prayer A Year Of Living Prayerfully Is A Fascinating, Humorous, Globe Trotting Exploration Of Prayer That Will Help You Grow Your Own Prayer Life While Filming A Documentary About Sex Trafficking, Jared And Michelle Brock Felt A Deep Need For Prayer In Their Personal Lives In An Effort To Learn About Prayer, The Couple Traveled The Globe, Exploring The Great Judeo Christian Prayer Traditions In Mountains And Monasteries, In Christian Communities And Cathedrals, Standing Up And Lying Down, Every Hour And Around The Clock Jared S Witty Reflections On His Fast Paced Journey Will Both Entertain And Inspire You To Think About Your Own Prayer Journey.Join Jared On A Rollicking Modern Day Prayer Pilgrimage You Ll Never Pray The Same Again.

About the Author: Jared Brock

Jared Brock is the author of Bearded Gospel Men, A Year of Living Prayerfully, and The Road to Dawn.He is the co founder of Hope for the Sold, an abolitionist charity that fights human trafficking one word at a time Jared has written for Huffington Post, Esquire, Converge, and Relevant, and his work has appeared on CBC, CTV, WDCX, and TODAY.COMFollow Jared Brock on Facebook.

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    This was definitely a unique book which will make it appeal to some However, I m not sure that the reader will learn much about Christian prayer, the subject of the book It isof a study in the traditions and practices of various religious denominations and some cults It is interesting none the less but my concern is that it might lead some people down some dangerous paths Christians who are no

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    Jared Brock and his wife, Michelle, wanted to beeffective in their prayer lives He claims to have beenof a dwarf sapling than the giant spiritual oak he wanted to be What follows is a fascinating pilgrimage around the world to locations of several prayer greats, some living and some dead If there were any secrets to a powerful prayer lifestyle along the way, Jared was determined to find them What he of

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    I enjoyed this couple s thought provoking journey that had them searching the globe to learn about prayer What is it How is it done This young couple had been passionate about prayer and their faith since middle school, but lately, their prayer life was stale They were sensing a deep need to connect with God again, especially after becoming aware of some horrific realities in the world as they filmed a sex traf

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    I cant say enough about this book.The journal a man took over a year to find out what prayer means to others, to different religions, to different countries how it can change in his own life bring he his wife closer to God.The travels adventure took him literally over the world as he went to Italy, England, North Korea leading him to leaders of churches, including a face to face with the pope, getting near Benny Hinn ev

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    So, when I received a copy of Jared Brock s A Year of Living Prayerfully, I thought the timing was incredible In his book, Jared, like other writers before him, goes on a year long journey to learnabout prayer and go deeper in his own prayer life.You can get a sense of his humor While he takes the reader on a serious journey into the meaning of prayer in our lives, he does it with grace and humor Like a good preacher, who brings

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    Mr Brock is a practicing Christian with pretty consistent experience praying But, in an attempt to deepen his communication with God, he sets out to experience a variety of the world s prayer traditions and philosophies He spends time with Greek Orthodox monks, goes to a Tony Robbins seminar, attends a televangelist revival...

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    I enjoy this book so much.Is a not stop laughing.As well as a very delight reading.Five stars

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    This book was recommended to me by my mother in law She was reading it and loving it She was laughing out loud, laughing so hard she has to stop reading The idea of the book I though was really intriguing, travel the world, encounter other faith traditions, focus on how they pray, and learn to find your own way into prayer When I started the book I was very eager to follow Jared around the world and through the various traditions And to be honest for the

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    This book was surprisingly good It s another one of those year of doing X memoir books, and follows the same style a chapter for each aspect of the year long challenge, snappy editing, lightly humorous, would make a good audiobook In this case, the author, who grew up Canadian Baptist, felt like his spiritual life had grown dull and wanted to focus on learning the secrets of Christian prayer.A lot of the author s adventures seemed rather last minute let s wing it

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    The author compares prayer methods and meanings across continents in this funny and fascinating travelogue to exotic locales The visit to North Korea was especially chilling I found the tips on improving one s prayer life to be practical and inspiring.

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