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    Interesting mix of hard sci fi and a basic romance novel plot 2 brothers fighting over the same girl and their own childhood issues There were definitely problems of plot, but it kinda worked I mean, the central conflict between the ex humans and the fringe Quoxians was never described, or resolved, but just gave us who the good guy and who the bad guy was, it was enough of a framework to tell the romance story and give us some fun sc

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    ONE MAN VS THE YEAR ONE MILLIONTime traveling UFO s jerk our hero one million years into the future and launch him on a trans galactic venture, brightened by such incidental items as an attractive post homo sapien race of evolved simians, and an Ultimate Spaceship Chasing mysterious celestial phenomena was part of Zack Halleck s Air Force duties, so it wasn t strange that he was assigned to assist in his brother s experiment For his scie

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    I read this book several times as a youth, it was a fascinating read to say the least It s a great peek into different levels of futuristic technology I still consider key parts of it often and was pleasantly surprised to see it listed here at Goodreads I highly recommend this book as a memorable read My copy has aged considerably, as I m sure most have, but overall it s still in good condition I may have to add it to my future reading line

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    This story from my own Golden Age delivers all the old pulse pounding sense of wonder that I find lacking in so much science fiction of today, and it doesn t sacrifice a character driven plot to do so Along the way it also delivers refreshing ideas on the nature of UFOs This is amazing stuff that may ignite my interest in fiction again if only people would still write this way.

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    I really liked the last spaceship and its EPL Ever Perfect Lieutenant Admit here that I used the idea for a space ship in one of my books.

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