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Adventures of the Wishing Chair Once Mollie and Peter have discovered the Wishing Chair, their lives are full of adventure It takes them to all sorts of magical places, from the giant s castle where they rescue Chinky the Pixie, to the amazing party at Magician Greatheart s castle

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    Wow, this book brings back memories I ll be honest, I have never actually read an Enid Blyton book myself, as my mum used to read them to me as a kid However, now that I am older and a little faster at reading, I gave it a go and damn, am I impressed.It s just a fun, fantastical adventure that is bound to make you sm

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    Woohhoo. I finally back on Enid Blyton again. and I gotta say that I m amazed by her imagination. she had written sooo many fantasy stories and at times you got a different taste from one story to another and I think it s haaarrdd to do that, hahaha..I still have 2books of this series to read and I m excited about tha

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    A fast and easy read that consist of a collection of stories about some kids and a wishing chair that can take them places, oh the chair fly.

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    It s no Faraway Tree book, but the Adventures of the Wishing Chair is a delightful read and one which parents will enjoy just as much as children In it, two children Mollie and Peter discover a magical wishing chair in a mysterious antiques shop it has the ability to grow wings and fly, and it does so to take them home

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    I don t know how many times I read this book as a child but I loved it I was forever trying to drag chairs out into the garden to use as my wishing chair, which enraged my mum on a daily basis one summer I grew up on Enid Blyton books but I don t remember too much about this series other than the characters, rich kids Mo

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    I have so many great memories about the Wishing Chair series and many of Enid Blyton s other books I loved the fantasy world where pixies and gnomes and little magical people where around every corner I see a lot of the Harry Potter series in the Wishing Chair and wouldn t be surprised if Rowling read a lot of Blyton when

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    Do you want distinct characters, rich descriptive writing, emotional involvement and that mix of the fantastic and grounded that makes a story feel truly magical Then you should look elsewhere because this book has NONE of that P.This is Blytons knockoff of E.Nesbits, Five Children and It or maybe the sequel the The Phoeni

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    A reread from my childhood Only this time o read a chapter a night with my youngest son

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    I read this many many years ago for the first time I do love Enid Blyton s fantasy stuff but the Wishing Chair books really don t live up to the wonder of the Magic Faraway stories.Quite disjointed really, hopping from one adventure to the next and they seemed like very short adventures for the most part, so you never really

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    I ve had the Wishing Chair Again since I was a child, but this is the first time reading the first book It is made up of short chapters of two children Peter and Mollie with thier Pixie friend Chinky going on grand adventures on a flying chair Most chapters are a full story in themselves Only a few carry over If I can t have

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