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Adverse Effects Saving Caeorleia Book Two Dade, Human Caeorleian Hybrid And Ex Military Grunt, Doesn T Fit In Not With Humans, Not With Aliens, Not Anywhere He S Always On The Outskirts, Angry, And People Aren T Sure They Can Trust Him When He Encounters A Compatible Tziu Named Yaseke, Secrets, Misunderstandings, And Attacks Nearly Prevent The Two From Making A Connection Dade Sorely Needs Even After They Unite, Dade And Yaseke Face Challenges That Two Newly Joined Males Should Never Have To Endure From Traitorous Council Members, To Sadistic Aliens Who Plan To Sell Them As Slaves, To Meeting A Mysterious Race Of Revered Aliens Called Collectors, Dade And Yaseke Manage To Stay Together And Even Rescue Two Youths Related To Yaseke, Who Ve Lost Their Parents To The Same Betrayer Someone From Dade S Past Is At The Root Of Everything He S Suffered No Way Can He Let Them Get Away With What They Re Planning, But Dade Isn T Sure He Can Stop Them On His Own If He Doesn T Let Go Of His Isolation And Risk The Pain Letting Others In Will Bring, He Ll Never Save Caeorleia In Time

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    1.5 stars Here are a few quickies as to why Dade, human Caeorleian hybrid and ex military grunt, who is smarter than the entire planet of advanced aliens with their crazy technology Just wow Too good, too perfect, too shiny Bleh Shifting POVs, one of them first person Guaranteed to make yo

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    This was soooo good although this is not my normal genre I am loving this series I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a REALLY good SciFi romance I will now skip over to the author s blog site to read Cosmic Inception book 3 in the Saving Caeorleia series The writer posted the 3rd book on li

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    I was really excited to see book two in the Saving Caeorleia series I loved The Experiment and could not wait to see where author Alicia Nordwell would take us next in this series Adverse Effects is a must read I couldn t stop and wantedwhen the book was done This series must be read in order Or you will be l

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    Ok Really, really enjoyed this Let me explain to the best of my ability.This is the second book in Ms Nordwell s Saving Caeorleia series book 1 is The Experiment , and it deals with Dade, one of the two humans rescued at the end of book 1 Dade s a former soldier, a BAMF really, with a bit of potty mouth, but he s prett

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    Great follow up to The ExperimentHere we get Dade s story He s another human Caeorleian hybrid and he s got some powerful and debilitating abilities since he s been modified His new empathic sense renders him incapable of touching or being touched without getting swamped by the person s emotions.When he discovers that he cannot

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    I enjoyed this second book in the series At first I thought the pace was going to go too fast, but it sort of maintained it s steam all the way through to the climax The ending was a trifle abrupt to me, but that s just my opinion I m looking forward to the third installment which will hopefully be out soon.

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    Another good edition..Still seem to have too many close calls attacked and almost kidnapped, kidnapped..entertaining but I didn t particularly care for the multiple times of fighting danger.

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    A little less successful than the previous instalment since all the action takes place on planet thereby depriving us of any spacefaring and along with it of any sense that we are dealing with galactic adventures, this book doubles down on the intricate world building Pity this occurs not so much by way of descriptions of the exotic fauna, flora, places and

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    It wasn t bad but it wasn t good It was just okay.Following on from The Experiment comes this side story about the other human experiment s that were rescued Dade and Nicklaus Although Ryker and Seral make appearances in this story, their overall existence is minimal This is mainly about Dade s role on the alien planet and the secrets he hides Nicklaus my new favouri

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    Book two in the Saving Caeorleia universe I strongly recommend reading book one, which gives the background for book twoThis picks up right on the end of book one, but from a new character s perspective The reader is introduced to Dade and Nickolas, twosurvivors from the experiments the humans were conducting on their own people Dade is angry He s an ex soldier in a situation h

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