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Motherland Children Of Men Meets The Handmaid S Tale In This Bowstring Taut, Visceral, And Incredibly Timely Thriller About How Far A Mother Will Go To Protect Her Son From A Hostile World Transformed By The Absence Of Men Most Of The Men Are Dead Three Years After The Pandemic Known As The Manfall, Governments Still Hold And Life Continues But A World Run By Women Isn T Always A Better PlaceTwelve Year Old Miles Is One Of The Last Boys Alive, And His Mother, Cole, Will Protect Him At All Costs On The Run After A Horrific Act Of Violence And Pursued By Cole S Own Ruthless Sister, Billie All Cole Wants Is To Raise Her Kid Somewhere He Won T Be Preyed On As A Reproductive Resource Or A Sex Object Or A Stand In Son Someplace Like HomeTo Get There, Cole And Miles Must Journey Across A Changed America In Disguise As Mother And Daughter From A Military Base In Seattle To A Luxury Bunker, From An Anarchist Commune In Salt Lake City To A Roaming Cult That S All Too Ready To See Miles As The Answer To Their Prayers, The Two Race To Stay Ahead At Every Step Even As Billie And Her Sinister Crew Draw CloserA Sharply Feminist, High Stakes Thriller From Award Winning Author Lauren Beukes, Afterland Brilliantly Blends Psychological Suspense, American Noir, And Science Fiction Into An Adventure All Its Own And Perfect For Our Times

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    If Broken Monsters was Lauren Beukes s great Clive Barker novel, then Afterland is her great Stephen King novel By the way, I personally hate it when blurbs state breathlessly that if you loved x by y then this is JUST the book for you because it is MORE of the same Beukes has carved a niche for herself as one of the

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    You can t imagine how much the world can change in six months You just can t Except that, now, of course we all can3.5 stars rounded up to 4 I ve read all of Lauren Beukes novels and my favorites are Zoo City and The Shining Girls The thing I love most about this South African author is her knack for wildly inve

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    By now, a lot of us have read a lot of dystopias featuring sexual politics, often accompanied with some major disaster that leaves women a huge minority The Book of Etta or The White Plague or any number of bigger named modern authors This one flips the script Men are seriously endangered The few men left must deal with the pa

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    3.5 starsI have read most of Lauren Beukes s books and loved all of them She has always had this undefinable element to her stories that made them stand out From the bizzaro world of Zoo City to the creepy thriller The Shining Girls The fact that she is a fellow South African made reading her unique books even of a treat.With this

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    Lauren Beukes is such an amazing author

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    Purchase request submitted to library 3 7 19.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.I love dystopian fiction and this book was fantastic It was very original The characters were great, very realistic I thought the ending was perfect Great book

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    From my previous experience, it requires nerves of steel to go through a book like this.

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    In a world where a virus has killed off 99% of the male population, Cole and her inexplicably immune son, Miles, are on the run from the worst person she knows her sister.The Stand meets Y The Last Man in the best way possible, it was just as much of a ride reading this as those two classics And so eerily timely it s hard to believe Beukes wrote Afterland

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    Let me preface this by saying, I m sorry for the rant about antibiotics, but this is a real and serious problem the world is facing right now.I didn t even come close to finishing it, didn t really start it either Got to about page 11 and just had enough of the writing style For a story that seemed original to me a post apocalyptic earth where most of the men h

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