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Alexi's King Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M M, shape shifters, HEA Running for their lives from their angry wolf pack, Alexi and his three best friends stumble into a cave in the forbidden forest Hungry, soaked to the bone, and frightened, they wander deep into the earth What they find shocks themAlexi and his friends walk through a glowing door to find themselves in a world of plush green grass and sunny skies, something they haven t witnessed in a very long time But when they are surrounded by a pride of lion shifters, Alexi wonders if walking through that door was the smartest moveEspecially when Lansing, the king of the pride, tells the wolf shifters they are four thousand years into the future, and nothing but lion shifters rule the earth And the king has special plans for Alexi, plans that make Alexi wonder if he s stepped into a dream or a nightmareNot all of the lions are happy that the wolves have arrived in their world One in particular plans to kill the wolves, along with the king Can Lansing stop the culprit from taking Alexi s life, or will his pride feel Lansing s mighty roar when Alexi is targeted for death

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    Ugh I tried to keep reading but no, just no.

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    I loved the interactions between the wolves throughout the story They were just hilarious This should shape up to be a great series I like that the storyline felt complete, but left clues ofto come Side note I along with many others enjoy the twist of pregnan

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    4.5 starsIt is very simple, if you like this author s books, you are going to be over the moon with this new series.IMHO..If you find her books lacking, then, this story won t do much for you.For me, it was perfect and I can t wait for the sequels.

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    I really enjoyed reading of the four close friends who walk through a door into a whole knew world four thousand years into the future I loved the concept of there being only lion shifters in this universe, meaning there s no human hunters, yay It was an exhilarating a

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    Alexi and his pack brothers are running for their lives they have a very angry Alpha who is after them Alexi leads them into a cave where they find a portal and go through it They are transported into the future where the only shapeshifters are cats.Langsing is the king of

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    This series has a very interesting premise The year is 6515 and lion shifters are the only species left on the planets Apparently the great rains killed all humans, other shifters, vegetation and other animal life thousands of years ago The lions live in small villages as prides

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    Mpreg Ok, So mpreg romance is my favorite This book gets at least two stars for being mpreg It gets another star because the characters were so lovable It gets four stars because I really enjoyed the story line I can t give it five stars unfortunately because it was a regular cookie

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    3.5 stars I know I ve said it before, but this author is a total guilty pleasure for me I know when I read something like this, I can turn my brain off for an hour or two and just wallow in the man candy inside I enjoyed the first book of this new series though the whole mpreg thing squic

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    Wonderfully fun new series I m still just amazed at some reviewers I mean..what are folks expecting from a short FUN read I SMH. Anyway, can t wait to see the other wolves and a couple of Lions find their HEA Lynn is alright with this reader Love the few hours that take me away from reality an

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    I really enjoyed this book This was one of the few times that I couldn t figure out who the bad guy was But from the other reviews that I read I m not alone in that Can t wait to see what happens next

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