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All Year Round: Calendar of Celebrations, A Brimming with stories, poems, activities, things to make, and songs, All Year Round offers a friendly guide to the seasonal round of festivals Helpful drawings and diagrams illustrate this practical book It contains a wealth of experience that can help families find their own way around the year

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    I liked the explanations of the different holidays and the craft ideas are great It s a great book as long as you go into it knowing that there are spiritual overtones There are many ideas that can be used with or without the spirituality behind it.

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    This is an awesome book for those looking to donatural handwork and crafts with their children The book is set up by season and adds in a lot of fun celebrations that Americans probably aren t used to.

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    I have just loved having this as a reference I m excited to makechoices about celebrating the changing seasons and holidays of the year as Owen grows and our family grows For now it s just inspiring to read about the possibilities and how simple things around the home can help signify the rhythm of the year and the passing of timerecom

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    My Waldorf teacher friend is lending me this book it goes over the major holidays in the Christian liturgical year and offers a brief history and ideas to create meaningful projects and rituals Although it s for parents, us non parents can learn and be inspired by the ideas Ritual is an important way to mark the passing and meaning of o

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    I ve skimmed through most of this, and it s fine it s a Waldorf style book talking about the different songs, food, crafts, and other activities relating to the different seasonal festivals I ve read better, but I m sure I ll use some of the ideas in here.

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    I love this book It is my guidebook for all our seasonal celebrations.

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    Just met two of the authors at a Waldorf Advent workshop Lovely women and a fabulous book.

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    This book has lovely ideas for celebrations A very enjoyable book for browsing and inspiration.

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    A wonderful book for your family or classroom.

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    Endless source of inspiration for developing your own family traditions Although the book follows the Christian calendar it also references pagan holidays and since it focuses on the seasons and rhythms of the natural world many ideas can be used in secular homes and schools as well Recommended for anyone from teachers to crafty families, hom

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