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Always Mine (Love in Eden #1) Reading Always Mine Love In Eden 1 By Sloane Kennedy Terrapin Info.co.uk I Had One Reason For Never Going Back To The Small Town I Once Called Home, But I Never Guessed It Would Be The Same One That Made Me Want To StayBrooks I Grew Up In The Small Town Of Eden, Wyoming, But Never Really Felt Like I Fit In Until I Met The One Boy Who Changed All That When We Were Kids, Xavier Price Understood Horses, But Somehow, He Got Me Too He D Made Me Feel Like I Wasn T Just The Overdressed, Too Sensitive Fifteen Year Old Geek Who Loved Math And Didn T Always Say The Right Thing But All That Changed The Night He Threw My Trust Back In My Face And Betrayed My Family In The Worst Kind Of Way And While I M Back In Eden To Make Sure My Uncle S Horse Ranch Is Operating In The Black, The One Thing I Know I Won T Have To Deal With Is The Man Who D Been On The Verge Of Stealing My Heart Ten Years Ago Because Xavier Price Is Still In Prison For What He Did And Even If He Weren T, He Wouldn T Be Foolish Enough To Show His Face In Eden Ever Again Right Xavier Wrong That S What Returning To Eden After Ten Years Behind Bars Feels Like But It Wasn T Like I Had A Whole Lot Of Choices And It Wasn T Like I Was Going To Be Handed Any Decent Job Offers, Let Alone My Dream One Of Working With Horses But That S Exactly What Happened And Now That I M Foreman Of Black Hills Ranch, I M Not Letting This Job Go For Anything Not Even The Spoiled Little Rich Kid I D Thought Was Different When He D Glommed Onto Me Ten Years Ago I Have No Doubt Brooks Cunningham Didn T Wait Long To Move On To Bigger And Better Things The Second My Jail Cell Was Locked Behind Me, And That S Just Fine By Me I D Been Wrong About The Sweet, Emotional Boy Who D Had A Habit Of Wearing His Heart On His Sleeve Anyway Except Fate Has Decided To Have Another Go At Me By Tossing Brooks Right Back Into My Sometimes Too Small World Gone Is The Scrawny, Stars In His Eyes Nerd Who Used To Do Math Problems Just For Fun In His Place Is A Gorgeous Specimen Of A Man Who Thinks He Can Go Toe To Toe With Me And Once Again Destroy Everything I Ve Worked For Not Happening. NO NO NO NO NO YOU CANT MAKE ME WAIT FOR JULES AND FLYNN NOOOO When I found out that one of my favorite MM authors was coming with a new series it made me happy as a hippo.There haven t been so many great MM books out this yearit is slim pickings to be honest and I gotta say, I really needed this.When I read the blurb, I figured I was in for a world of angst, but this wasn t really the case.Xavier and Brooks were really good friends when they were in their teens Different as they could bethey still formed some kind of instant connection Brooks is a numbers boy, who loves solving math problems and the ranch owner s son Xavier is of a hands on kind of kid and he is the son of the ranch manager.Where Xavier goesBrooks goes until the ultimate betrayal happens.but who is the one betrayed Fast forward 10 years and these two will have to face one another again Both of them are still chocking on their hurt and the betrayal, but neither of them knows the real full truthNo matter how much they try to hate and resent each othertheir hearts have already chosen years agoand what the heart wants, it will try to get.These two have ple Always Mine is a scorching enemies to lovers, opposites attract story with a horse ranch setting, strong MCs, and great secondary characters I loved Uncle Curtis There is a crime suspense element to the plot Xavier spent a decade in jail for the attempted murder of Brooks father , which is not entirely believable but believable enough tha 4.5 Silver Spoon StarsTen years ago, Brooks 15 year old and Xavier 16 year old were best friends Xavier s father worked in Brooks s family ranch Those days Brooks was a quiet, shy, nervous boy He followed Xavier everywhere and Xavier had had this need to shield him and protect him from everything and everyone He had always felt the need to keep him close to himself Now Brooks is coming back to see if the business is in trouble or not That was when he sees Xavier again after ten years but now they are like enemies than friends and their first meeting after these years starts with a punch in the face Well, this was my second read by this author and let me tell you that I couldn t even finish my first read but this I couldn t put it down It was really good I loved both characters albeit sometimes I was frustrated by Brooks , not just them but the secondary ones as well It s an emotional angsty read It s a se

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