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An Alphabet of Embers An Alphabet Of Embers Is An Anthology Of Unclassifiables Lyrical, Surreal, Magical, Experimental Pieces That Straddle The Border Between Poetry And Prose It Lives In A Place Between Darkness And Sound, Between Roads And Breaths, Its Pages Taut With Starlight Between Its Covers, Words Talk To Each Other, And Have An Occasional Cup Of Tea.

10 thoughts on “An Alphabet of Embers

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    Lots of gorgeous pieces in this book All tiny and compact, but often quite dense The artwork is beautiful, too.

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    Goodreads says there is no paper edition of this the kickstarter page suggests that one is intended I hope that happens because I d really prefer paper, especially since there are illustrations.This collection sounds intriguing My brain has decided that it ...

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    This was absolutely beautiful It filled my heart with joy.Read my full review

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    An Alphabet of Embers edited by Rose Lemberg is an anthology of flash fiction that was funded by a Kickstarter that I missed last year The stories are 500 1400 words long, which ranges up to a little longer than what I would normally call flash, and one of the aims of the anthology was to include diverse voices On that poi

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    this is a collection of very short stories that live somewhere between poetry and prose i admit i didn t really understand a lot of them but i liked the language enough to read them regardless plus it s got a fantastic author line up, i bought it because it ...

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    An Alphabet of Embers declares itself to be a collection of unclassifiables, which is its greatest strength and biggest weakness, as it will appeal hugely to some readers and not reach other readers Like me I wasn t expecting to love the anthology, knowing my own tastes, but I was still curious to see what Rose Lemberg had put togethe

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    Expertly curated by editor Rose Lemberg, the unclassifiables in this anthology are ardent gems that may spark cathartic wildfires in the reader, or gently stoke lonesome hearths.

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    An Alphabet of Embers instantly became my favorite SFF anthology I loved its richness, its weirdness, the way it encouraged pushing at boundaries of what speculative fiction can be.

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    this is a truly wonderful anthology full of stories that push the very limits of our expectations of fantasy it should be on your list of you love short fiction, fantasy, and evocative language disclaimer I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is a wonderful, magical short story collection that combines poetry and prose in sci fi and fantasy stories The imagery sensory detail enhance the stories by making them vivid in the mind s eye As with any short fiction collection, you re bound to like some stories than others, but this boo...

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