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Beautiful Wasps Having Sex Strange title and a little off putting but it all makes sense after you get into the book Not wasp as in flying insect I found this book fascinating and very honest The world of screen writing in Hollywood is a rough and cruel one, on top one minute and not the next It is dog eat dog and not a place for someone with moral values it would seem An interesting read and written in a very readable style I enjoyed it. Producers are like feudal lords exercising droit du seigneur they all want to have first crack at a promising virgin script And like the poor young maiden, once a producer gets hold of a script, spreads its pages, and tosses it aside, it s never as valuable again Speaking from experience is bruised, inveterate screenwriter Frankie Jordan, who spares nothing and no one in her razor sharp vivisection of Hollywood a town with rituals, ceremonies, and sacrifices as strange as any savage culture Not that the rest of Frankie s life is any less perilous She s turning forty, her husband wants a divorce, men aren t noticing her any, and all she can think about is the script she can t finish.Along comes Jonathan Prince, a confident, Ivy League twenty four year old agent trainee in butter soft loafers who glides into Frankie s messy life In a town that takes glee in the failure of others, Jonathan becomes her biggest fan, the only one who seems to recognize her brilliance.The lunacy of trying to sell her script is described in harrowing detail and perfect pitch dialogue But it s when her script finally does sell that the real nightmare begins Frankie s career starts its painful descent as Jonathan s takes off, leaving Frankie completely unprepared for his cunning betrayal.Trying to discover why Hollywood attracts and rewards so many little monsters, she s compelled to confront how Jews feel about themselves in a town that both loves and hates its own invention the beautiful WASP Frankie ultimately comes to understand the forces that created Hollywood, Jonathan Prince, and herself.Biting, smart, and uncompromising, Dori Carter s Beautiful WASPs Having Sex is as truthful as any novel written about Hollywood, a modern classic that will stand beside The Player and What Makes Sammy Run as a revealing window on the madness behind the movies. Maybe if I was Jewish, lived or had lived in LA, or worked in entertainment I d like this book I thought the relationship with Jonathan felt flat in about the last third of the book Not that I needed a huge blowout, but it fizzled Then she and the new guy name withheld so as not to be a spoiler fizzled with no real explanation I felt like I was reading an abridged version.Oh, and the all caps thing throughout the entire book for people speaking with emphasis was eh I mean, I guess it got the point across, but it was hard to read over and over again. I admit it I bought this book almost solely based on the title alone Once I read it though I was glad that I saw past the words on the cover This book enthralled me and scared me LOL If this is an accurate representation of what Hollywood screenwriters face, I don t know if I ever want to have one of my books made into a movie It s a mad, mad world. This book promises the discussion of an intriguing issue, how jewish identity interacts with the jewish writer s portrayal of the american template, the WASP.The book does not even deliver this fascinating idea, though It just ends up being another novelized memoir about the zany things that happen in hollywood. No WASPS, no sex A cynical look at getting ahead in the entertainment industries while being Jewish. I loved this book It was an easy summer read and I had no expentations whatsoever And yes, I bought it because of Chris. Notes for me Well, this is a fun one I needed some escapism while I worried over Jack and this fit the bill Frankie has a keen eye for the elaborate construction of other people s facades Yet, she never seems overly judgmental or snide, just curious about how people tick She is pretty fair with her own faults she nails her own pathetic hope that Jonathan will champion her script even as she confronts him about his thievery of Mai Lei s script She voices exactly how I feel about still pounding my head against the walls of this business until I m bloody if I give up now without any success, I ve been wasting all those years I already put in Not necessarily true, but it feels true I read the book with a Gentile perspective I never really thought I had one until I read this book The authors characters spend a lot of time examining what it means to be Jewish I felt I had a small window into a rather cool club I don t belong to Carter creates some wonderfully memorable characters Miriam, Hershel, Sparky, Jerry, Freyda They all come alive with vibrant detail They all seems so much wild than any real people I ve met in the business Still, I m not dead yet Carter lives in SB according to the book jacket Would be curious to meet her one day. i thought this book was pretty good really it s only saving grace was that i thought it was hillarious it had some great yiddish and jewish dialogue you might only really enjoy this if you re a big jew as my roommate would say, hehe.there was no really distinguishable story line with a clear conflict, climax, and resolution so if you re looking for a book just to follow some characters through a period in their lives, you might really enjoy this book but you ll especially appreciate it if you know any alter kockers that kvetch to each other all the live long day and if you didn t understand that last sentence, this book is NOT for you, hehe.

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