Betty the Yeti: An Eco-Fable PDF/EPUB å Betty the

Betty the Yeti: An Eco-Fable Deep in the forests of northern Oregon, environmentalists clash with loggers in a furious battle to determine the future of the land Which is important the preservation of the natural landscape or the lives of the men and women who depend on the harvesting of lumber Russ T Sawyer is one logger who thought he knew where he stood Having recently lost his wife to the zealous leader of an environmentalist group, he s been sitting in the treetops, mourning both his state of unemployment and his new found bachelorhood Suddenly, a female sasquatch emerges from the forest Russ is torn should he go against his politics and protect the trusting animal, whom he has named Betty, or cash in on a deal that will destroy the poor creature s habitat Then when he and Betty become, well involved

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