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Beyond Politics In Beyond Politics renowned religious scholar Hugh Nibley explores the inherent and ongoing conflict between religion and politics Nibley probes fundamental questions that concern any religious person interested in earthly government How is the government of man different from the government of God What are our obligations and responsibilities to each Thought provoking, insightful and sometimes startling, this multimedia Nibley Digital Edition takes the classic essay written inand updates it with a wealth of features to make it accessible and enjoyable to a new generation With ideas as fresh as today s headlines, this Nibley Digital Edition puts those thoughts together with an easy to use electronic form that feels as if they were made to go togetherFor those who have heard of Nibley s stature as a scholar but have been intimidated by his scholarship, this Digital Edition makes his insights accessible to virtually anyone Mormon or non Mormon, highly educated or just interested in what s going on in the world Now there s no reason anyone can t benefit from the valuable spiritual and philosophical principles articulated by one of Mormonism s most significant thinkers For the Nibley aficionado, Beyond Politics Digital Edition also offers the full footnoted essay with supplemental materials to add context and deeper understanding of Nibley s thinking

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