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She s just a college girl who can t help but dreamShannon Locklear just won backstage passes to the hottest concert in LA, Wilder Side She s thrilled to be able to meet the band backstage, and when the guitarist takes her aside, the sparks that fly between them could light a bonfireHe s a lead guitarist who can t shake his inner demonsJulian Bremmer is a musician struggling with alcohol and his band s newfound success Girls throw themselves at him because he s a rock star, but all of the attention doesn t stop him from feeling empty inside When he meets Shannon, he can t help but wonder if she s just the next girl who wants him for his fameFate has thrown them together, but will the world pull them apart Warning This , word story includes explicit sexual content Big Girl Backstage Pass

About the Author: Aubrey Rose

Aubrey Rose lives in sunny San Diego, where she likes to lay around in a hammock reading her favorite romances When she s not writing steamy stories, she can be found dancing naked in front of the mirror to Abba while her cat watches disdainfully.

10 thoughts on “Big Girl Backstage Pass

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    4 stars This book was very unique Like the idea of a Big Girl with a Rock Star, very nice.

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    This was a great start to this seriesI have a thing for rock star novels like this and so far this one has NOT disappointed me at all.Julian Bremmer is the lead guitarist in a band and has obvious insecurities and demons He turns to alcohol to ease his thoughts when music can t help view spoiler I was so shocked when Julian mentioned he thought Alex was gay.then to have Jason disappear backstage and Shannon can t find him anyw

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    I want the next instalment already

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    3.5 Stars, My only complaint is that I wish these weren t a bunch of novelas.

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    Definitely part of a serial Just a little too short to have much story But a seems to be a fairly decent intro Enough to interest me in reading the next installment, and possibly all the rest.

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    What a tease, if your looking into this series i would highly recommend buying the set of all in one If not your going to be disappointed after each one cause youll only wantSuch a great short story following Shannon, a college student studying photographer who has an obsession with the band Wilder Side When one of her bestfriend wins backstage passes to their concert shes over the moon.Insert Julian bands lead guitarist and resident trai

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    A promising good start of a book This is not even a complete book just 1 4 of the whole bookAll this is, is a tease forIf you re like me that wants to finish what you started you want to get the next one Good thing it s free because paying.99 cent for part of a whole book is just highway robbery This kind of writing is just to get you hook so you ll pay next then another one You don t realize once you get to the ending of the book you paytha

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    It was a cool and easy to read book A nice sequel to Backstage Pass I liked the characters, I liked the vibe between Shannon and Julian and I liked the fact that she wasn t dwelling on her image issues all the time I liked her as a character Julian has his demons and we see them develop in the next stories, but I liked how Rose shows them to us here as hints.It was so easy to read the one hundred and so pages seemed like 40 to me.

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    Great start to a series You get introduced to Shannon who s a big girl but with the help if Julian she get a look at the beauty she really is Julian has his demons but I loved how he took care of Shannon and helped her see herself as he saw her Neither are perfect but they each see the other as the amazing person they areExcited to see how this story plays out.

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    Was a good SHORT story I of course was sucked in so I of course bought the next one Well read my review of part 2.The story is good, but rushed, and they are very short The first book is free of course to get you hooked the other three are.99 each That makes what should be just one book 3 4 depending on how you look at it Not worth that.

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