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Blessed: The Beatitudes and the Christlike Life As Jesus Christ prepared His faithful followers to teach the doctrine of the gospel, He presented perhaps His best known discourse the Sermon on the Mount This profound address is directed to all those who seek to be His disciples, with powerful instruction as to the personal conduct necessary for living a Christ centered life And at the heart of this sermon are the Beatitudes, guidelines of the character traits and holy attributes that can serve as a guide for developing disciples But how can these attributes be interpreted and attained in today s modern world In Blessed The Beatitudes and the Christlike Life, best selling authors Lloyd D Newell and Mary Jane Woodger delve into each characteristic the Savior spoke of, providing powerful, real life examples, scriptures, and prophetic insights detailing ways in which modern day disciples of Christ can cultivate these eternal attributes Those seeking the path of discipleship will find in this volume a thoughtful and inspiring guide to internalizing the timeless truths of the Beatitudes in our day

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    This book is packed with Doctrine I thought I understood the basics of the Beatitudes, but realize there are so many layers to them that I never thought about If you are looking for an in depth discussion of the teachings of Christ, this would be ideal to pick up.I am studying t

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    I love this book It s a great book for right now, as we re studying the New Testament as a family I can t wait to use it when we get to the part about the Sermon on the Mount.This book has a chapter on each of the Beatitudes mentioned by Jesus Each chapters helps the reader to underst

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    2nd read I put this one on my re read list because of a few points that were made that I wanted to revisit I m glad I did I m not familiar with the authors of this book, so I had no expectations going into this one I loved the detailed emphasis on the words of Christ in the Sermon on the Mo

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    ReviewBlessed The Beatitudes and the Christlike Life by Lloyd D Newell and Mary Jane Woodger is an excellent resource for personal scripture study, as well as for teaching gospel doctrine This book talks about the different beatitudes discussed in the New Testament on a deeper level with in depth

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    An excellent treatment of one of, if not the most important sermon ever spoken It is said the the Sermon on the Mount is a constitution for a perfect life Harold B Lee and if so, this book can serve as a guide and tutor to achieve it.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book It would be perfect for Family Home Evening material or to use as a reference for an upcoming church lesson or talk Especially if you are studying the New Testament Each chapter will help readers understandabout each specific Beatitude by using scriptures, doctrine, and rea

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    I really love this book I just kind of grabbed it off the Deseret Bookshelf quickly for a book to listen to while I was doing some other stuff and I ended up really interested in it It s such a good practical modern insightful application of the beatitudes into our lives today So if you re looking for a good gospe

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    I listened to this book on a Sunday when a five hour drive home from Vegas It was perfect for this purpose, it s always nice to listen to an audio book that s partially narrated by the voice of the spoken word from Music The Spoken Word I came away with a few things I d never learned before and a lots of things I ve nev

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    I enjoyed this book that focused on the beatitudes Lloyd Newell s voice is so soothing I felt like I knew the mind and heart of the Saviorafter listening to this book Yes, these are all qualities that we should be working hard to posses, but Jesus Christ has them already and for that I am so grateful

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    Great read

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