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Blue Moon This Is A Random Universe, Reacher Says Once In A Blue Moon Things Turn Out Just Right This Isn T One Of Those Times Reacher Is On A Greyhound Bus, Minding His Own Business, With No Particular Place To Go, And All The Time In The World To Get There Then He Steps Off The Bus To Help An Old Man Who Is Obviously Just A Victim Waiting To Happen But You Know What They Say About Good Deeds Now Reacher Wants To Make It Right An Elderly Couple Have Made A Few Well Meaning Mistakes, And Now They Owe Big Money To Some Very Bad People One Brazen Move Leads To Another, And Suddenly Reacher Finds Himself A Wanted Man In The Middle Of A Brutal Turf War Between Rival Ukrainian And Albanian Gangs Reacher Has To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Loan Sharks, The Thugs, And The Assassins He Teams Up With A Fed Up Waitress Who Knows A Little Than She S Letting On, And Sets Out To Take Down The Powerful And Make The Greedy Pay It S A Long Shot The Odds Are Against Him But Reacher Believes In A Certain Kind Of Justice The Kind That Comes Along Once In A Blue Moon

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    As you know, I m a fan of Lee Child This one s pure escapism well plotted action packed, adventurous The plot is basically a reworking of A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, and it was a lot of fun, but I sense this enormous franchise now starting to feel slightly creaky and tired In previous books, there s distinctlycharacterization,plot, fewer guns In this one, there are a lotguns, but very rudimentary characterization, which may be what the films need

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    After another stop in a small town in the middle of nowhere, Jack Reacher ones again finds himself surrounded by dangerand sets out to protect the innocent people caught up in a deadly turf war between rival gangs For Reacher, the trouble started on a Greyhound bus when he noticed an elderly man named Aaron Shevick carrying a thick envelop flush with cash Realizing he s an obvious target, Reacher stays close to the man, and eventually thwarts a m

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    Blue Moon by Lee Child 3.5 Action packed, fast paced and brutalJack Reacher is a loner, a drifter and an ex military cop He s currently in a stirring situation travelling on an American Greyhound bus He has his eyes on an old guy aged around seventy who has fallen asleep with a thick envelope, the type used to hold money, hanging precariously out of his pocket A young guy with a thin goatee and greasy hair dead ahead on the bus is also taking an intere

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    3.5 stars I am a huge Jack Reacher fan and was excited to get an early copy of the book Sadly, I was disappointed This was aviolent story without the character development I am used to In this one Reacher gets involved in an Albanian Ukrainian gang war in a middle sized unnamed American city He sees an elderly man on the Greyhound Bus with a noticeable money envelope and saves him from a mugging This is what Reacher does best He s a modern day Knight of the

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    29 October Yayyyyy

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    I am an avid Jack Reacher series reader always rushing to obtain his latest novels and racing to finish them with a feeling of great enjoyment However, the 24th novel did not even come close to that feeling of satisfaction and pleasure I felt Reacher was depicted as a comic book hero fighting the villains who were infiltrating the pear shape city with their fake news This is unlike Reacher in his previous books,for he did not need to kill all the villains

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    I ve always enjoyed the fast paced, no holds barred nature of the Reacher series But I m starting to feel a bit tired of it This novel seemed to rely evenon body counts and violence and less on any attempt at characterization and plot than past installments.

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    We readers have just lost one of our fictional but moral good guy heroes The Reacher of past books smart and tough with a very strong history of standing up for the innocent disappears in this latest release He does still save two people but how he goes about it is over the top and so unlikely as to be laughable Maybe this was a movie script first I really hate to blast a book, especially one by a favored author, but this one is a 2 star at best, The book starts out like most Reach

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    I love Lee Child I have read every single one of his books, and Reacher is one of my favorite fictional characters I love the way his mind works, the way he sees the world This book was just way over the top with violence and gratuitous death It lacked the thorniness and logic of many of Child s other Reacher books This is one of the first times I felt like I was reading a formula of a Reacher novel and not the real deal.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this book I ve read all the Jack Reacher novels and Blue Moon did not disappoint It was spellbinding I m reading an Advanced Readers Edition that I won thru a Goodreads giveawaythank you Lee Child and Goodreads More Lee Child, please.

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