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Body Parts: A Practical Guide for Artists Perfect for fine art students, graphic artists and amateur artists interested in figure drawing Features over 1,000 anatomical illustrations of different aspects of the human figure Includes an inspirational Index of Possiblities featuring a gallery of figures depicted by artists through the centuries The human figure is a classic artistic subject beautiful, inspiring and challenging to draw This source book shows the many ways of seeing the figure and offers instruction, advice, and inspiration Readers will develop a better understanding of basic anatomy and proportion while learning to draw different details of the human form including challenging body parts such as eyes, ears, hands and feet.

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    Body Parts is a pretty good resource, but lacking in practical information Some of the poses are also very unnatural looking.Another issue I had is that there is only one male model in the whole book It would have been good to have a wider variety of body types and poses by male figures.

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    This has a wonderful section on drawing hands

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