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Brave Jimmy Stone Jimmy held his breath and waited as his father aimed the rifle at the deer But the sound Jimmy heard was not a shot It was a sickening, gravelly sound the sound of the cliff breaking away Dad Jimmy screamed, as his father catapulted down the steep side, struck a rock, and lay still Dad They were miles away from any road and there was no one to call Jimmy knew it was up to him

About the Author: Elliott Arnold

Elliot Arnold was an American newspaper feature writer, novelist, screenwriter, and became a feature writer with the New York World Telegram Among his books, Elliott Arnold is probably best known for his novel Blood Brother that was made into the acclaimed 1950 motion picture Broken Arrow and an ensuing 1956 television series of the same name Among his other works, his 1949 biography of Sigmund Romberg was made into the 1954 musical film, Deep in My Heart.Elliott Arnold died in New York City in 1980 at the age of sixty seven He was married to actress Glynis Johns.

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    This book is really, really great Jimmy Stone was so brave and courageous This is pretty intense, and made all of us squirm in our seats a little bit Lots of good what would you do in this situation conversations Best for ages 7

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    An enjoyable pre teen from the 60 s Probably a 3 1 2 star rating, but gets 1 1 2 extra for having Leonard Shortall illustrations and giving me a good nostalgia vibe Plus I wasn t aware that Elliott Arnold had written juvenile fiction, which was a nice surprise.

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    C fiction, children s, grade 4, adventure, rescue, father and son, from stash, discard

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