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Broken Trust They think they own me now They think they ve won, and that I ll be their good little soldier Four dangerous, damaged, messed up boys There used to be five, but one of them died, and I m starting to suspect he was murderedI didn t ask for this No one would ask to be played, manipulated, seduced and betrayed But that s what happened, anyway It wasn t enough for them to break me Sebastian Beckett has decided that he can t let me go, but I refuse to forgive and forget his betrayal so easily His fixation is bordering on obsession, but when we begin to suspect a spy within Delta, there s no time to deal with his feelings Someone is selling us out, and it s having a dire impact It s life and death hiding behind corporate greedLet the battle begin This dark contemporary romance features four sexy, dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem

About the Author: Jaymin Eve

Jaymin Eve is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and sci fi novels filled with epic love stories, great adventures, and plenty of laughs She lives in Australia with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and a couple of crazy pets To date, she has sold close to two million ebooks, and still can t believe that she gets to create fantasy worlds as a job For action, adventure, romance, and a guaranteed HEA, start one of her series today Reading order Secret Keepers series Paranormal Romance House of Darken House of Imperial House of Leights House of Royale Storm Princess Saga PNR Fantasy The Princess Must Die The Princess Must Strike The Princess Must Reign.Curse of the Gods Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance series UpperYA NATrickery Persuasion Seduction Strength Neutral Pain.Supernatural Prison UF PNR romance shifter, vampire, fae, magic user Upper YA NADragon Marked Dragon Mystics Dragon Mated Broken Compass Magical Compass.NYC Mecca Series UF PNR Romance shifters Upper YAQueen Heir Queen Alpha Queen Fae Queen Mecca Hive Trilogy UF PNR Romance vampires Upper YAAsh Anarchy Annihilate Walker Saga Fantasy adventure romance gods, mermaids, dragons YAFirst World Spurn Crais Regali Nephilius Dronish Earth Stay updated

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    LIVE EARLY DARK ROMANCE SET IN ELITE HIGH SCHOOL Book 2LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK Books in Dark Legacy series should be read in order Book 1 Broken WingsBook 2 Broken TrustBook 3 Broken Legacy LIVE EARLY DARK ROMANCE SET IN ELITE HIGH SCHOOL Book 2LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK Books in Dark Legacy series should be read in order Book 1 Broken WingsBook 2 Broken TrustBook 3 Broken Legacy

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    They would hurt you Butterfly Break those perfect wings Destroy your fighting spiritBROKEN TRUST is the second book in Jaymin Eve s Dark Legacy series It picks up where the previous book left off.Where betrayal and lies walk hand in handThis series is like no other series I ve read, even though there are so many bully books coming out now this one still has a unique aspect to it The boys have been trained to kill

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    I don t want to sound rude, butthe hype wasn t worth the wait It diminished what the series success started out to be This book screamed at me the entire time They are just high school kids None of this is possible It s filled with sexist and masoginst stuffI ignored every of those things in the last book because it was such a breath of fresh air and for all intent and purposes was an angst high school drama filled of tw

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    4 Unconditional stars We are a family You re just delaying the inevitable The five of us, that is meant to fucking be NOTE This is NOT a reverse harem story OMG What shits are happening to this book Everything had turned upside down You really don t know what is happening in here Everything are fucked up Who will you trust after all when everything is trembling down UGHHHHH I NEED the next and final book I NEED some answers, da

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    Holy balls, that book was like mind blowing It s very rare for me to love a book so much the dynamics and the friendship the story was just like wow I have no words for this book how great it was I just wish the second book was already out Seriously giving book hangover.

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    Yeah, I need book 3 now.

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    This was just badUmmm, where do I begin The problem with this story, despite the glaringly unreal ness of it all is the details.Yes, I realize there are a lot of dark and extremely mature themes to this series, but I mean C MON First off Senators do not have office space at City Hall City Hall is for City Councilmembers and Mayors.The whole attempted gang rape scene sounds like something Tate James cooked up, and I all but had to stop reading this

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    1 Broken Wings 1 22 Broken Trust 1 23 Broken Legacy won t read1.5 StarsUnpopular opinion alert.What a disappointment view spoiler The first 20% or so were great I loved that Riley didn t give in and stayed stubborn because I would have done the same Let them grovel.But you know what Her hypocrisy at the end was driving me nuts and I just couldn t respect her any Sure, circumstances were a bit different but why tf did she think it would be okay for her to

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    Well the first book was holy hangover this book I just have no words The amounts of theories I have running around in my head right now are driving me crazy because there are so many possibilities of things that could happen in book 3 Broken trust was dark, fast paced, full of action and there were points where I had to stop to take a breather because the anxiety was real I am absolutely loving this series and I hope that all of the guys get their own books Seba

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    What the F As much as I loved the Broken Wings, Broken Trust just beat it Tate and Jaymin deliver an amazing book full of drama and angst Just when you think one thing something else happens I was hooked from the first page to the last and now I m left wondering when they will give us book 3, like I need itthan I needed book 2 Riley and the guys are back and there shappening than in the first book Threats are being made, moves are being taken, a little murder, and a fe

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