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Carrion Comfort CARRION COMFORT is one of the three greatest horror novels of the th century Simple as that Stephen King Epic in scale and scope but intimately disturbing, CARRION COMFORT spans the ages to rewrite history and tug at the very fabric of reality A nightmarish chronicle of predator and prey that will shatter your world view forever A true classic Guillermo del Toro CARRION COMFORT is one of the scariest books ever written Whenever I get the question asked Who s your favorite author my answer is always Dan Simmons James Rollins One of the few major reinventions of the vampire concept, on a par with Jack Finney s Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Richard Matheson s I Am Legend, and Stephen King s Salem s Lot David MorrellTHE PAST Caught behind the lines of Hitler s Final Solution, Saul Laski is one of the multitudes destined to die in the notorious Chelmno extermination camp Until he rises to meet his fate and finds himself face to face with an evil far older, and far greater, than the Nazi s themselves THE PRESENT Compelled by the encounter to survive at all costs, so begins a journey that for Saul will span decades and cross continents, plunging into the darkest corners of th century history to reveal a secret society of beings who may often exist behind the world s most horrible and violent events Killing from a distance, and by darkly manipulative proxy, they are people with the psychic ability to use humans read their minds, subjugate them to their wills, experience through their senses, feed off their emotions, force them to acts of unspeakable aggression Each year, three of the most powerful of this hidden order meet to discuss their ongoing campaign of induced bloodshed and deliberate destruction But this reunion, something will go terribly wrong Saul s quest is about to reach its elusive object, drawing hunter and hunted alike into a struggle that will plumb the depths of mankind s attraction to violence, and determine the future of the world itself

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    Mind penetrating psi vampires haunt humankind in the same year Simmons ingenious sci fi fantasy milestone Hyperion was published and revolutionize the horror genre in the same way King said that Simmons writes like a God and that he is a bit envious and what could exceed this quote There is a handful of authors who unite the lucky combination of hard, l

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    I just love Dan Simmons Mel

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    Carrion Comfort is a beast of a book My copy clocks in at 800 pages, and to be fair to mr Simmons he kept the pace burning throughout the whole text There s much to enjoy in Carrion Comfort, and not the least of its good aspects is the premise In this particular work Simmons tackles on one of the most famous horror creatures the vampire What makes it dif

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    Exhibit C in Authors Who Doodle In case you re interested, here s exhibit A and exhibit B Carrion Comfort, Dan Simmons second novel, can be faulted for being overly long, needlessly complex and in dire need of a talented editor Yet after I ve said all that, it still remains one of the best horror novels of the second half of the 2oth century The author has

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    CARRION COMFORT is just an incredible concept for a story mind vampires and how these characters interact and evolve throughout the book A thrilling plot and intriguing locales keep the reader guessing until the end BRAVO once again, Dan Simmons

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    This book covers eyes oh my god I don t know how to feel about it Dan Simmons is such a great writer and his imagination scares me, like really, really bad The stuff in this book was CRAZY I couldn t believe what I was reading Sometimes I didn t even want to know where this story was going But despite the horrific plot, one thing that Simmons does really wel

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    So I m changing my final score on this novel from a solid 3 to a generous 4 stars, because the book was JUST THAT UNPREDICTABLE.That s an odd thing to say as a re read, no There s lots of places where the novel easily deserves a 5 star, just on reflection, alone, and since this came out nearly 30 years ago I m not going to fuss too much over spoilers Do You L

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    I always hesitate to say a book is overlong I read because I like knowing the deepest thoughts and motivations of the characters who populate my fiction Books are meant to be longer,in depth experiences There are thousands of studies that have been done on chapter and novel length, but the truth of the matter is a reader only notices page count when the writin

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    Five words that I never thought I would say Couldn t it have been longer Seriously, for someone who dreads a book that passes the 600 page mark, I should have been absolutely dying over this 900 page monster ButThis is one of those rare horror books that manages to maintain the suspense and horror over the course of the book Long books often make it difficult f

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    this is a briskly paced supernatural thriller about mind control and controlling the world around us it is also about as one dimensional as they come, despite the potential of the multi leveled subject matter and the breadth of the narrative from World War 2 Germany to present day Hollywood, and dozens of locales in between the novel and several of the character

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