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Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Reilly pokes holes in Trump s claims than there are sand traps on all of his courses combined It is by turns amusing and alarmingThe New Yorker Golf is the spine of this shocking, wildly humorous book, but humanity is its flesh and spiritChicago Sun Times Every one of Trump s most disgusting qualities surfaces in golfThe Ringer An outrageous indictment of Donald Trump s appalling behavior when it comes to golf on and off the green and what it reveals about his character Donald Trump loves golf He loves to play it, buy it, build it, and operate it He ownscourses around the world and runs another five, all of which he insists are the best on the planet He also claims he s ahandicap, almost never loses, and has won an astonishingclub championships How much of all that is true Almost none of it, acclaimed sportswriter Rick Reilly reveals in this unsparing look at Trump in the world of golf Based on Reilly s own experiences with Trump as well as interviews with overgolf pros, amateurs, developers, and caddies, Commander in Cheat is a startling and at times hilarious indictment of Trump and his golf game You ll learn how Trump cheats sometimes with the help of his caddies and Secret Service agents , lies about his scores the Trump Bump , tells whoppers about the rank of his courses and their worth declaring that every one of them is worthmillion , and tramples the etiquette of the game driving on greens doesn t help Trump doesn t brag so much, though, about the golf contractors he stiffs, the course neighbors he intimidates, or the way his golf decisions wind up infecting his political ones For Trump, it s always about winning To do it, he uses the tricks he picked up from the hustlers at the public course where he learned the game as a college kid, and then polished as one of the most bombastic businessmen of our time As Reilly writes, Golf is like bicycle shorts It reveals a lot about a man Commander in Cheatpaints a side splitting portrait of a congenital cheater Esquire , revealing all kinds of unsightly truths Trump has been hiding

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump book, this is one of the most wanted Rick Reilly author readers around the world.

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    This was a very interesting perspective on president Trump and how he plays golf I truly do believe that you can tell much about the character of a person based on the way they interact when competing in any type of endeavor If the allegations in this book are true some or all then I think it brings up fundamental questions that should be reflected on by voters before 2020.

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    I couldn t put this book downdelivered it yesterday afternoon and I spent all evening at my local watering hole devouring this book I ve never picked up a golf club or been a fan of Donald Trump but I ve read books on both topics and this book takes the cake Rick Reilly uses golf s Trump techniques cheating and lying to explain his terrible practices in office Trump has been a notorious chea

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    I really enjoyed the project of this book rather than dive into the maddening hand wave ium that typical critiques of Trump s character devolve into e.g who cares if he s a philanderer, don t all politicians do that, all rich people lie about how much money they have, he s just using colorful language about immigrants, can t you take a joke, etc etc , Reilly picks an area that is not as emotionally

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    I know nothing about golf and almost didn t read this book But, boy, am I glad I did The author describes how Trump s approach to golf is like his approach to the presidency And the author is funny Somebody should point out that the way Trump does golf is sort of the way he does a presidency, which is to operate as though the rules are for other people We played his Trump National Golf Club Westchester in

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    Another entry in the hate n tell library, which will swell exponentially ad infinitum seems that white entitled golf players loathe the disrepute that Trump is bringing to the game I did enjoy details of other presidents golf playing.Favourite thought is not a mulligan, but a billigan in Clinton s case Another entry in the hate n tell library, which will swell exponentially ad infinitum seems that white entitled

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    Okay, after reading Rick Reilly s Commander in Cheat , I know that Donald Trump is a cheat at golf He s a cheater both when playing the game and at business deals with the courses and resorts he owns He cheats when he golfs with others and cheats when he plays by himself He cheats like he breathes Yet, Trump has friends who love playing with him He has caddies who love caddying for him, and even help in his cheating Wh

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    Rick Reilly loves golf It s one of the most important things in his life He s written numerous books about it And now the sitting president is spending a third of his time at the golf course sullying golf s good name by breaking as many rules as he can get away with And Reilly is not having it.My opinion of Trump is already pretty well firmed up, so I don t know what I was expecting to glean from this I don t golf, but I do p

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    From someone with barely any understanding of golf, this was an interesting angle to analyze Trump s unethical, narcissistic, and selfish character through the sport The details probably won t surprise anyone but still enough to consider what a ridiculous person he can be, well before becoming President This was a fun, easy read to also learn about how the golf world and culture works, which is why Trump s very being is a middle fin

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    Trump Revealed Through Another PrismPoor Rick Reilly This is an exceptionally entertaining and well written book, with loads of fascinating tidbits about golf, golfing presidents, and everything that surrounds the game at the presidential level There is, literally, an engaging fact, perceptive observation, joke, amusing story, or wry throwaway line on every page But, it s unavoidable, given the premise here, that everything circles back to

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    If you love golf and hate Trump, you will love this book The author gives a multitude of corroborated accounts of Mr Trump s world of golf in which he cheats, lies, and steals money from rich and poor alike The Donald plays golf regularly yet has only posted 20 scores in the past 7 years The scores he has posted indicate a handicap of 3, yet most observers estimate him as having a 9 to 12 handicap He always tees off first after which he and his c

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