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Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949 The Only Comprehensive Gathering Of Frost S Published Poetry, This Affordable Volume Offers The Entire Contents Of His Eleven Books Of Verse, From A Boy S Will To In The Clearing Frost Scholar Lathem, Who Was Also A Close Friend Of The Four Time Pulitzer Prize Winner, Scrupulously Annotated The Plus Poems In This Collection, Which Has Been The Standard E

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    many of the lyrics as well as the monologues suggest an interior darkness, they also have the color and quality of his New England woods, being lovely as well as dark and deepcommentator Louis Untermeyer, on page 264I don t read a lot of poetry, but I ve been interested in Robert Frost s work ever since first reading both his Mending Wall known

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    It s not that I have a favourite Robert Frost poem he s not that kind of fellow Yes, there are many quotable quotes that people bandy about but again, he s not that kind of fellow I dip into this collection again and again, when I want the world to slow down a little, and I just want to dream away a few hours, an afternoon These are especially go

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    I m currently working my way through this book, which is the standard edition of his collected poetry Should be done some time in 2018 2019 never Frost in 1941I m abandoning my reading of Frost s poetry Too many other books to get read.Having gotten up through A Witness Tree I m guessing that I ve probably read most of his poems that are still rem

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    I was intrigued to learn that Frost and Edward Thomas had met and spent time together in England before the first world war following on from a review of some of Frost s poetry by Thomas I feel both that in some way that the two of these people are now coming together in my understanding is a sign both of the deficiencies in my education and that l

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    Robert Frost wrote some stunning and thought provoking poems Almost everyone has heard of Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening or The Road Not Taken , but one of my all time favorites is Desert Places The last verse They cannot scare me with their empty spacesBetween stars on stars where no human race is.I have it in me so much nearer homeTo sca

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    Lovely poems Frost isn t a favorite poet of mine, but he s definitely memorable and brilliant.

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    Spent my morning with these trying to find RF s critical assessment of fame, how his neighbors come last to recognize him Turns out, it s not in the Complete, since he was elected Poet Laureate of Vermont where he d moved from N.H forty years before in 1961, at age 85 Year after he recited from memory at JFK s Inauguration Wryly, Frost responds On Bei

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    I think it s this version I have an old copy of this book My grandma gave it to me for Christmas many years ago I love Robert Frost He s my first favorite poet and my favorite poem will always be The Road Not Taken And I, I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference RF is my reason for loving words I think.

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    I had read some of his poems, like Mending the wall and the snowstorm , but not all of them, until now I had not realised how great and famous Frost was in his lifetime Now I understand better.I just love and admire his farmland poetry, it reminds me of so many things of my own young life in the countryside in Austria though And then he enchants with hi

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    Let me say that he is one of poets who have waken me up from my long sleep in comfortable bed of uniformity and stagnancy I used to think that being among the crowd was a safe way to live Being uniform was my template In fact, now I learn that being myself that might be being different from you all is the safest mode anytime anywhere And, I am sure that

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