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Career Guide to the Top Consulting Firms Career Guide To The Top Consulting Firms Free Download Author Giles Goodhead Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Find Insider Information Not Seen In Company Brochures Or At Campus Presentations Get The Answers To Questions Such As Which Consulting Firm Has A Frantic Work Pace Or Global Opportunities, Which Provides Poor Feedback With A Lack Of Hierarchy, Where You Can Find A Collegial And Team Oriented Atmosphere Vs Impersonal Due To Size This Guide Gives Candid Profiles Of 25 Top Consulting Firms With Salary And Signing Bonus Data, Firm Statistics Amd History, Expected Career Paths, Rankings By Prestige, Compensation, Career Opportunities And Quality Of Life, Plus Recruiting Contact Information Includes Articles On Landing A Job In Consulting, Aceing The Interview, And A Self Test, Is Consulting For You.

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