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Corner of a Round Planet (The Albion Transcripts #1) In an alternative history where the twentieth century gave rise to individuals with psychic talents, the Great War ended far differently, preventing World War II When the Gulf Wars break out, they are fought with antiquated tactics and equipment that have been obsolete for almost a hundred years Medics, a prime target for the ruthless enemy, are dying at a far greater rate than the other soldiers As the medics dwindle in number, so do the chances of winning the war Modern warfare is desperate for a tactical overhaul Fortunately, Meredith Clase, an electronics engineer, might have just the thing But Sergeant Wens Lillenthal has been holding a grudge against Clase for almost eight years and he doesn t plan on dropping it soon When Clase arrives and insists that he become the hero he plays to his men, Lillenthal is dragged along a path to fame he never wanted, and into a world he can t ever leave An Interview with E Stoops about Corner of a Round Planet Small Tomatoes Press So, this is the second book set in this universe, the first being Pocket in the Sea I guess that fantasy book is on hold E Stoops Probably indefinitelySmall Tomatoes The readers loved Pocket While Corner of a Round Planet is in the same universe, it s not the same characters we know, and , it doesn t feed into the world we know and love until later in the book Why are readers going to love Corner too E S Well, Wicklander s kid didn t fall far from the tree Wicklander Sr is just awesome as Wicklander Jr More seriously though, plot not withstanding it s a pretty typical war story Pocket is all about those perfectly short conversations people have when they have known and liked each other and lived in each other s pockets for a long, long time It s all sharp words and barbed, yet affectionate insults Corner is, again, a war story, but is all about the horridly short conversations between people that have known each other a long time, come from the same place, and can t stand each other but are working towards the same goal so they play nice It s all sub text and mean in jokes, or low blow insults If fans liked the conversations and characters in Pocket , they will enjoy the about face in Corner Small Tomatoes Lillenthal s life implodes in the middle of the book He s just over halfway done with his deployment and he completely derails, decouples, and de energizes It s a dramatic departure from the story at that point What inspired that E S I had a friend that did a tour of duty in Iraq and then another in Afghanistan He told me a lot about what that was like and he mentioned that deployment was this weird time warp time didn t flow for the deployed soldier, but it did for everyone else Their lives could change dramatically and they literally could do nothing until the time warp ended, ie they were back in country He told me that someone could die, someone could get very sick, and everyday it seemed like it had just happened and had to be dealt with as though it was fresh news People bottled it up, or fell to pieces, everyday I m sure that s not how it was for everyone, but that description stuck with me for several years and then crept into the bookSmall Tomates But this isn t our IraqE S No, it s not But that s not to say it s not Iraq It s basically the same country with the same types of problems If you read history, most of the wars in that region play out a particular way, and I didn t feel that my alternative history demanded too much change in that respect They are stuck in the desert, fighting a war over oil and religion

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