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Corrupt From New York Times Bestselling Author Penelope Douglas Comes A New Dark Romance ErikaI Was Told That Dreams Were Our Heart S Desires My Nightmares, However, Became My ObsessionHis Name Is Michael CristMy Boyfriend S Older Brother Is Like That Scary Movie That You Peek Through Your Hand To Watch He S Handsome, Strong, And Completely Terrifying The Star Of His College S Basketball Team And Now Gone Pro, He S Concerned With The Dirt On His Shoe Than MeBut I Noticed HimI Saw Him I Heard Him The Things That He Did, And The Deeds That He Hid For Years, I Bit My Nails, Unable To Look AwayNow, I Ve Graduated High School And Moved On To College, But I Haven T Stopped Watching Michael He S Bad, And The Dirt I Ve Seen Isn T Content To Stay In My Head AnyBecause He S Finally Noticed MeMichaelHer Name Is Erika Fane, But Everyone Calls Her RikaMy Brother S Girlfriend Grew Up Hanging Around My House And Is Always At Our Dinner Table She Looks Down When I Enter A Room And Stills When I Am Close I Can Always Feel The Fear Rolling Off Of Her, And While I Haven T Had Her Body, I Know That I Have Her Mind That S All I Really Want AnywayUntil My Brother Leaves For The Military, And I Find Rika Alone At CollegeIn My CityUnprotectedThe Opportunity Is Too Good To Be True, As Well As The Timing Because You See, Three Years Ago She Put A Few Of My High School Friends In Prison, And Now They Re OutWe Ve Waited We Ve Been Patient And Now Every Last One Of Her Nightmares Will Come True Corrupt Is A STANDALONE Dark Romance With No Cliffhanger It Is Suitable For Ages

About the Author: Penelope Douglas

Penelope Douglas is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Her books have been translated into fifteen languages and include The Fall Away Series, The Devil s Night Series, and the stand alones, Misconduct, Punk 57, Birthday Girl, and Credence, Please look for Tryst Six Venom and Motel, as well as the Hellbent series, coming next She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and their daughter Would you like to join the reader group for News Text DOUGLAS to 474747 to be alerted when new releases are live Website www.penelopedouglasauthor.comFacebook www.twitter.com PenDouglasPinterest www.instagram.com penelope.douglas

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    Teaser Scene 1 Scene 2 Pinterest board is open Club discussion questions here you for everyone s support on my new adventure I can t promise all of my readers will follow me down this rabbit hole, but I definitely lo

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    Corrupt stand alone, book 1 of 4 A suspenseful unfolding of a plot to revenge greed, envy, violence, lust, deceit in the midst of it all one of the best young alphas I have ever readI only ever thought of him Every fantasy, e

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    3.21 Is Stupidity Infectious Stars Changed my rating because while writing this freaking long review I realized I actually hated the book So 2.12 I Freaking Hate Stupid People Stars will make a review full of stupidity later on sighs

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    4 Little Monster stars To say Corrupt is a dark romance is a bit of an understatement I was not expecting this kind of book from Penelope Douglas I was intrigued, repulsed at times and completely captivated while reading The first 30% or so I

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    4.5 Stars Spoiler Free Holy shit, Penelope Douglas, ho leeeee SHIT Seriously though, all I can say And I want to keep this spoiler free and, frankly, I m also a little short on time So this will be short and to the pointin theory Cause I honestly have

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    DNF skimmed to the end I can understand why many loved this book, I really can That said, it s sooo not my cuppa, that s for sure I didn t like the way this story made me feel DNF skimmed to the end I can understand why many loved this book, I really can That s

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    4.5 Stars SPOILER FREE ReviewNOW LIVE Three years ago, curious little Erika Fane wanted to play with the boys, so we indulged her, and she betrayed us There was no way we d forgetHow in the ever loving hell do I even begin reviewing this book Honestly I m completely at

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    2 Stars Another over hyped book that didn t do it for me My rating is based on MY FEELINGS after reading this.It s not an attack on the Author or people who have rated this book highly.The last time I gave a negative review on a highly rated book I got a load of abusive personal

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    Hot, Twisted And Absolutely Addicting This story was sooo screwed up Yet, I couldn t put it down I loved this messed up tale of vengeance and misguided fury I finished this book hours ago, but I m still trying to wrap my mind around everything I read I m outraged and conflicted At the sa

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    4 STARS image error Penelope Douglas delivers a very entertaining darkish read As in all revenge books, I struggle with why characters never get confirmation before they put their evil plans into motion This story is about a girl in love with one brother Michael Crist and struggling to break ties

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