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Daddy Makes Me Hot This book was previously released as Daddy Makes Me Hot What s better than a fireman One that also happens to be your stepdad, of courseAmber s mom has left her and her fireman stepfather, Justin, all by their lonesome Good thing they ve got something to doeach other Hotter than hot, Justin is too much for this nineteen year old to pass up, and she just hopes he will give her what she s craving His cockPart of the He Makes Me seriesHe Makes Me Hot He Makes Me Wet He Makes Me BurnNOTE This is an Entwined Erotica title and features sexual interaction between non bloodrelated relatives All characters are of legal age and this title is intended for individuals over the age of eighteenApproximatelyPages , WordsKeywords Entwined erotica, gia blue, hardcore sex, explicit sex, rough sex, men in uniform

About the Author: Gia Blue

Gia Blue writes smut because she s been cursed with an unbelievably dirty mind Every erotic thought has her putting pen to paper and then releasing the stories to all of the naughty people in the world A self proclaimed whore, nympho and ex stripper now that she s traded her pole for a Mac She s embarked on an important mission to convert everyone who reads her books into jolly, one handed readers She d shake your hand, but it looks like you re busy.

10 thoughts on “Daddy Makes Me Hot

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    Another disappointing and incredibly disturbing book I started reading Gia Blue s books because a friend highly recommended them The incest in the majority of her books is disturbing Plus, the writing is so mediocre I tried readingbooks, thinking it wou

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    If you are looking for porn to read, here it is I rate books like this on the steaminess of the book This was good, Gia Blue has always written great smut books I don t rate these books higher than a 3, nothing against the author it s just the genre.

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    Regular step dad daughter story

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    Very quick smut read The sex was great but there was no story or build up to it Her mom runs away to the circus and he f %ks her step dad Thats it 3 sexy stars

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    This is your standard step Daddy daughter porn I gave it three stars because the sex was pretty good, but there was really nothing super special about this story, either good or bad.

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    It s a typical daddy daughter story with very hot and messy sex..Did I like it Well.uhm.yeah.hmm.just so Let s heading to book 2..

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