Daddy’s Little Daughter Raped by Animals 10 Story Bundle

Daddy’s Little Daughter Raped by Animals 10 Story Bundle Daddy s Little Girl Raped by the Great Dane Uncertain about bestiality, but knowing just a bit, Hannah decides bestiality is not for her However, after her large Great Dane mounted her, Hannah s mind changed quite quickly despite the painful knot pulling at her with every thrust Every motion elevating her deeper into orgasm, Hannah cannot help but embrace the large heavy dog on top of her Daddy s Little Girl Mounted by the Rottweiler Into bestiality from a young age, Daddy s Little Girl decides to take things further by bending over and letting the dog do his business inside her Filled with orgasmic pleasure from simply his tongue, suddenly she is uncertain whether what she is doing is right or not Daddy s Little Girl Raped by Beasts in the Basement Their eyes shined off the flashlight just before the light clicked off I could only remember the long dangling shafts between their legs as they walked closerAlone for the day, Little Jess hears noises coming from the basementJoin Jess as animals living in her basement use her body for their own pleasure in ways she tries to resist Schoolgirl Raped by Beasts Underground The two beasts stared at me with their deep, lust filled eyes as they walked towards me Scared, I backed against the wall and prayed to any god that would listenThese beasts only want to breed after being trapped deep underground for way too long Unable to see anything, Katelyn finds than she bargained for as multiple animals take turns mounting herLost and confused after the mine shaft collapsed, Katelyn was knocked unconscious Unable to find her way out in the dark with only her hands, she comes across large creatures that certainly don t plan on helping her escape yetThinking the beasts want to eat her, Katelyn attempts to run blindly in the dark Little does she know but the beasts don t want to eat her in the way she is thinkingThis story is dark, brutal and very erotic Can pleasure be found or will Katelyn succumb to her fears in this pitch black cavern Kidnapped and Raped by Dogs A young woman taking a walk through the forest alone turns into a frightening nightmare when a large black man kidnaps her After a furious rape by the man, he releases his dogs upon her, breeding and forcefully stretching her no longer virgin parts One dog after another, she is taken and used violently After the dogs are finished, other animals enter the room Daddy s Little Girl Forced to Fuck the Horse A deal between Daddy and his innocent Daughter is struck when she asks for a horse Little does Sarah know, but her father has a whole lot in store for her when he returns with a horse He will give his daughter a dilemma prove to him she will do anything to care for the horse including fucking it, or he takes the horse backThemes include Daddy forcing his virgin daughter to fuck a horse, horse knotting, horse sex and an innocent virgin being impregnated by an animal Blackmailed into Fucking a Horse When a strange man forces himself on Alina her father sees the occurrence and assumes she is violating herself before marriage After threatening to expose what he saw, he gives her an ultimatum fuck a horse in redemption, or else First Time Horse Fucking Horse Sex Horse Fucking Dreams Oh no I m out of room Peek inside for

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