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Deltora Quest (Deltora Quest, #1-8) For the first time, the eight books of the internationally bestselling fantasy series are brought together in one action packed volume For centuries, the evil Shadow Lord has been plotting to invade Deltora and enslave its people All that stands in his way is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven gems of great and mysterious power Now, Leif, Barda, and Jasmine must unite to find the seven gems and save Deltora from an eternity of darkness.For the first time, all eight books of this epic series are presented in a single deluxe hardcover volume. Emily Rodda s Deltora Quest series will always hold a special place in my heart, for igniting my passion for reading and the Fantasy genre.The eight books follow Leif, Barda and Jasmine along with Filli and Kree , as they journey to the most feared places of Deltora e.g The City of the Rats etc to retrieve the lost gems of the Belt of Deltora, the only force strong enough to drive the Shadow Lord out of Deltora and back to the Shadowlands.The eighth book, Return to Del was essentially about finding the heir, and had quite a few unexpected plot twists view spoiler I definitely did not see coming the plot twist that Leif was the heir to the throne or that Doom was Jasmine s father hide spoiler I read these with my kids, and they later read them on their own at least twice It s a great fantasy series, gripping and imaginative, with lovable characters a boy, a girl, and a man who risk their lives to do what s right Rodda is one of the best writers of fantasy adventure for young readers There are few books I ve seen my kids so enthralled by and I liked them, too, though I m not a big fantasy fan Start with this series the books are shorter and simpler than either Rowan of Rin or the later Deltora series Shadowlands and Dragons But get the single volumes rather than this bindup easier to hold and read one at a time.They can be gory, FYI But that happens when you re seeking out and fighting evil monsters Also, cliffhangers abound, so be warned if you re reading this at bedtime to your child, they will not let you leave easily My youngest son actually wailed, But I can t survive if I don t know what happens If your child is reading them on his own, you ll have to unscrew the lightbulbs in his bedroom or he ll be up past midnight. All of my reviews are spoiler free unless stated otherwise so you can go ahead and read my review Not many people have heard of this incredible series because Emily Rodda is an Australian children s author, but oh my goodness, this series has to get out there because it s that good I re read this series almost every year and each time, I can t believe the amount of world building, plot development and character development has gone into it Yes, this is a children s series, but it s like Harry Potter, something you can read at any age and enjoy It has 8 books in the series and has two other companion series Deltora Shadowlands and Dragons of Deltora which both follow the same main characters as the first series I highly recommend all three because HOLY DAMN the first series is JUST THE BEGINNING SO MUCH THOUGHT has gone into this world and how it was all going to pan out that it just falls together perfectly and leaves you with the most satisfying endings EVER.A quick summary This story follows Lief, a sixteen year old boy, who has been sent on a journey to save the land of Deltora Years before, the evil shadowlord managed to steal the belt of Deltora, a magical belt made up of 7 gems that together, help to rid their land of evil The shadowlord took the seven gems and scattered them throughout the land in the most dangerous of places, places people don t dare to go The belt will only work if the heir to the throne wears it, so as well as finding the gems and facing terrifying places and creatures, they also have to find the heir, who has supposedly been in hiding since the shadowlord took over Lief is accompanied by Barda, a former palace guard and they meet Jasmine along the way, a kickass character in my opinion And together they face what nobody has faced before, all to save Deltora BAM This world is so epic and so different to anything I ve ever read before, and I just wish people knew about it It s just so flipping good The characters are so intriguing and well rounded, you feel like you know them, that you re friends with them and you just feel all the things they feel Emily Rodda, you are a dang genius if you ask me The twists and turns especially at the end holy crap were INSANE and BRILLIANT and just GAH This is the series that got me into reading when I was 10 years old, and this alongside Harry Potter of course was what I grew up with as did many Australian kids At first I thought this series was just for boys before I read it, of course but DAMN I was wrong because this is an EPIC fantasy series for all ages and genders I highly, HIGHLY recommend this series Please check it out and SPREAD THE WORD Okay, I think I m done raving now. Okay, yes, this is a book for ages 8 14 I actually bought this book for my little sisters some time ago To this day, my sisters are still raving on about how good the book is Its been a couple of years now, so I decided I had to give it a whirl.The book is 8 short fantasy stories about a heroic trio a blacksmith s son, a wild and brash forest girl and a palace guard trying to save the land of Deltora from the evil Shadow Lord Its a fantastic book for kids Firstly, it doesn t have any wizards or any wizard schools Nor does it have vampires or werewolves Instead, there are intelligent puzzles, plenty of codes for kids to decipher and some unique monsters and races Some of the monsters are scary according to my sisters , mainly due to their ugliness There s also some simple red herrings and plot twists, and some scenes that don t make sense until later in the story Its all steeped heavily in a great fantasy setting with some hints of some nice world building.Thankfully, there s no stupid love affairs or any adult themes in these books, which was refreshing All in all, some decent unique and intelligent children s fantasy If you ve ever thought of getting someone a fantasy book from the preteens section, I would say these books would be a nice choice.

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