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Determined Theft (Chosen #2C) PARTShifter Vampire Serial Stolen by the Alpha Wolf is a follow on to Chosen by the Vampire Kings It is strongly recommended that you read thispart serial first Whisked away to the shifter village, Stephany is fearful of what lies ahead Ward is suffering from wounds that run far deeper than the physical Wounds that she inflicted Her life, as well as the life of her greatest gift, hang in the balance Determined Theft is the final part of apart serial, and at the time of setting this pre order, it was approximately , wordspages Make sure you read Chosen by the Vampire Kings first for the most enjoyment The Story Contains strong sexual themes language and is not intended for readers under the age of

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    I jumped right into these 3 installments after Chosen by the vampire kings, and I actually think I liked these even better I love the shifters, I love Ward and Stefany, all of it I still think they re a little rushed and incomplete feeling, but less so than CBTVK, and not enough to take away from how much I enjoyed the story I have to say, I m not a fan of Becky, I think the

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    Stolen by the Alpha Wolf has been a great series from start to finish It also confirmed my early suspicion that Ward is a muchloveable smoking hot Alpha male than a certain king You will understand why when you read the conclusion What an insensitive DICKHEAD Still love the other guy, though Ward was the perfect blend of possessive, protective and progressive in his thinking The

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    I hate that this is the end It is to soon I love, love Ward He is such a sexy alpha Ward and Stephany are just omgoodness Way to adorable I loved every step of the way they got to where they were Nathan and Cat two cute for words.Now that endingWTF man a cliffhanger into the next series just like the one at the end of Chosen by the Vampire Kings Why do you do this to me Well good thi

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    Brant s got some redeeming to doYeah He s on the naughty list for sure I hope Tanya puts him in time out big time That was an exciting end to this serial series I hope Lance is shipped off some where were he can act cray cray with some other coven But honestly these books are very well written Good vampire and werewolf lore, and I love how they fling in the modern so you know the lore in

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    SO FREAKING FANGGG TASTIC Determined Theft is the third and final installment in the amazing Stolen by the Alpha Wolf Serial by Charlene Hartnady and it is AWESOME I love it In this powerful conclusion of the story, Hartnady has dazzled her readers yet again with her amazing talent, astounding imagination and incredible skill, and given her readers a delicious masterpiece of paranormal fanta

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    Can t EVER get enough of this author or this STORY SERIES I truly hope this series never ends When I first found the Vampire Kings I was looking for a Twilight fix on an adult scale After reading the first chapter I was hooked Stolen 3 was fantastic but if you are going to read these books YOU HAVE TO START AT THE BEGINNING Or you will not know or understand what is going on And trust me you won

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    Charlene Hartnady Stolen by the alpha wolf 3 I received this in exchange for a honest review I think that this mini series about Stephany was even better than chosen by the vampire kings And that says a lot Stephany is a very loyal, sweet and deering vampire who s really much in love with the Alpha Ward, but after events in 2 she s having some difficulties opening up to Ward But again to not giving

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    Like I said in my first review, I won t be writing much about these BUT GODDAMNIT I HATE BRANT SO MUCH I need to hit something so bad Like I said in my first review, I won t be writing much about these BUT GODDAMNIT I HATE BRANT SO MUCH I need to hit something so bad

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    I am part of the ARC and this allows me to receive the book for free The condition is I have to provide an honest review regarding the series I recommend anyone reading my review to take advantage of this great service I feel this is a Win Win for both the author and reading If you have been reading any of my reviews you know that Charlene Hartnady is one of my favorite authors Did I say, One of my favorite

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    Holy heck, I couldn t wait to read this conclusion about Stephany and Ward and their pup I wasn t sure what to expect cause Ward was hurt not just physically but emotionally by the events He had no idea she was matedotherwise he never would have touched her Things happen for a reason OMGI LOVED Rushe lol He was so sweet and funny and explained a few things to Steph and to Ward how he was treating her after they

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