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From the author of the acclaimed WORDS IN THE DUST an action packed YA novel set in a frighteningly plausible near future, about what happens when the States are no longer UnitedDanny Wright never thought he d be the man to bring down the United States of America In fact, he enlisted in the National Guard because he wanted to serve his country the way his father did When the Guard is called up on the Idaho governor s orders to police a protest in Boise, it seems like a routine crowd control mission but then Danny s gun misfires, spooking the other soldiers and the already fractious crowd, and by the time the smoke clears, twelve people are deadThe president wants the soldiers arrested The governor swears to protect them And as tensions build on both sides, the conflict slowly escalates toward the unthinkable a second American civil warWith political questions that are popular in American culture yet rare in YA fiction, and a provocative plot that could far too easily become real, DIVIDED WE FALL is Trent Reedy s very timely YA debut Divided We Fall

About the Author: Trent Reedy

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Divided We Fall book, this is one of the most wanted Trent Reedy author readers around the world.

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    2.5 STARSI am Private First Class Daniel Christopher Wright.I am seventeen years old.And I fired the shot that ended the United States of America Who can say no to that come hither tagline Who can say no to that tagline AND that kickass cover Plus reading and reviewing books in denial, pretending to b

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    This is in many ways an excellent bookthough I suppose the 5 star rating may have given you an idea I might think something like that.This book is very character driven while also having an intense, fast moving yet very plausible plot Now I know there are going to be people who want to go on about how th

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    Hoo boy Editorial bias alert, but I think this could kick up quite a splash in the YA world next spring for its awesome cover, its enormously timely themes about the breakdown in political communication and conflict between state and federal governments and in particular its approach to the latter , its por

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    WOW Since I can t give the review that this book deserves right now on cell I would just like to say AMAZING KUDOS to the makers of this audiobook I have to say this is the single most awesome audiobook that I have listened to and I have listened to at least 300 of them I was so entertained by the reading of t

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    Wright, the protagonist of this action packed speculative novel, is a decent guy trying to fulfill his duty as a National Guardsman when his gun goes off accidentally into a crowd of protesters The governor of Idaho is already at odds with the President of the US over a national ID card, and this incident is the

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    Look at that cover I look at the cover and I see war and destruction in a modern setting Yay, these are things I like Unfortunately, nothing even remotely like what you see on the cover happens in the book I thought that this was a sort of pre dystopian, you know, watch the empire as it crumbles I thought it d be fu

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    Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy is a brilliant and also incredibly timely pre dystopian novel I listened to the audiobook available for free last week through YA Sync.In the not too distant future, Danny Wright joins the National Guard to serve his country in the way his father did Then, the Idaho governor sends the Gu

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    If they re America so committed to peace , but have failed so miserably the last 50 years, the last century, what makes you think they re going to figure a way out of this mess without fighting WOW This one is a complete surprise This is NOT my typical genre nor something I would typically like So imagine my surprise when

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    This ordinarily wouldn t have been a title that interested me except for the fact that its plot hits a little too close to what I imagine the U.S is going to turn into if we continue regressing in this abhorrent political climate Because of this, I am excited now to recommend this book to teens as a daunting what if scenario

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    As with the other book of Reedy s I recently finished, I enjoyed thisthan I expected to It s a near future action and adventure about the fall of the USA It has problems hence no fifth star but it is also compelling and suspenseful hence the four that already are present I enjoyed the characters, and while the conflict between

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