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KINDLE Dont Send A Resume By Jeffrey J Fox Following The Success Of The National Bestseller How To Become CEO, Fox Lays Down The Rules On Landing A Dream Job Easy To Read With Inspiring Advice, This Book Claims Success With Rules Such As Looking Like A Player, Don T Ask For Directions, Make A Big Splash And Keeping Mum In Most Interviews. Dont Send a Resume

About the Author: Jeffrey J. Fox

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dont Send a Resume book, this is one of the most wanted Jeffrey J. Fox author readers around the world.

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    I m giving it 3 stars not because it s a bad book it s actually quite good for its purpose not all the ideas are new, but the book is concise and to the point , but because it s depressing as hell Between being compared to a cereal box all the time which is true, companies see us as a product no news here and the amount of effort it goes to sell myself successfully to an employer and get an awesome job the amount of research he advises y

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    Fox has many helpful tips in this small volume Some of them I had read in other books of this nature and others I had not There was enough original material here to make me glad that I was reading it Plus, he offers examples of what he means by a resu letter, boomerang letter, and a pre call planner He coaches his readers on h...

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    This a bit old book Many advises are well known to everyone If you have some experience I don t believe that you find something new However it s a not bad glossary for young employees and students.

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    Straight forward Easy to read The author writes in a direct, crisp and upbeat manner The gist of the book is that you are the product and you need to sell yourself to prospective employees.Fox recommends avoiding sending resumes to everyone but rather doing lots of homework on the 5 or so companies where you think you would like to work When you ve prepared, go directly to the top to the decision makers Bypass human resource personnel You get invite

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    At first, The book throws out a weird vibe and seems like an odd infomercial How ever if you have a sales background, and stick through about 2 3 chapters in You can relate to his comparison on how to go about landing a job by breaking down your steps into similar step you would take from opening to closing a sale I really was going to stop reading but did push on it does get better and better, i promise Oh, And if you think you already know how to go

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    This was a nice quick job tip book and that s what I like short, sweet and to the point Basically, the author reminds us that we are selling ourselves to a potential employer We are the product, i.e., the cereal in a box We have to remember that we need to show them how we can solve th...

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    Interesting perspective about treating the job search process as one would treat sales, where YOU become the thing you are selling I definitely gleaned some useful ideas and techniques from this book and plan to implement them into my search process However, some of the things he sugg...

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    Good, practical advice on job hunting It got my creative juices flowing and helped me think about different ways to stand out The overall message of the book getting a job is a sales effort and just sending a resume is the equivalant of sending junk mail Good advice ...

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