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Dry Doctor to Wet Nurse Tina Tamsin goes to the doctor s office to find out why she has started to spontaneously produce a mysterious milkWarning This word story contains graphic sexual language, lesbian scenes, and lactation It is intended for mature readers only

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    Doctor s OrdersI have to admit this was kinda bland, but still very interesting I liked how the doctor was slowly overcome with lust for her young, busty, milky patient It was very interesting to read It was also free and a quick read Check it out

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    Hot damn that was hot

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    Tina gets an emergency appointment with a doctor because she is lactating She doesn t know why so she is trying to find out and get a quick solution to the problem Will she like the answer that the doctor comes up with Dr Johnson is trying to cum up with a solution for Tina s problem and also try and so

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    I thinkThat I read this book before It was ok but totally unbelievable but it is fiction I think I might look forfrom this author.

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