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Dungeon Born A Powerful Dungeon A Sheep Herder Turned Noble Their Path To Ascendance Through Cultivation Conquering Dungeons And Using Them To Grow Has Long Been The Most Efficient Way To Become A Powerful Adventurer The Only Thing Keeping The Process From Being Easy Is The Beasts That Inhabit These Places Questions Plague Those Entering This Particular Place Of Power Where Do The Rewards Of Weapons, Armor, And Heavy Gold Coins Come From Why Is A Fluffy Bunny Charging At Me For Abyss Sake, Why Are There So Many Monsters Cal Has All Of The Answers To These Age Old Questions For A Very Simple Reason He Is A Dungeon Core, A Soul Forced Against His Will Into A Magical Stone With The Help Of An Energetic Friend, Cal Grows A Dungeon Around Himself To Bring In New Sources Of Power When A Threat He Doesn T Fully Comprehend Bares Its Many Teeth, Cal Is Determined To Survive The Attempt On His Life Unfortunately For Adventurers, The Only Way For Him To Achieve His Goal Is To Eat Anyone That Enters His Depths

About the Author: Dakota Krout

Dakota Krout Author of thebest selling Divine Dungeon and Completionist Chronicles seriesI live in a pretty much Canada Minnesota city with my wife and daughter Thanks to you, I m now a web developer and computer programmer turned full time author and indie publisher through my company, Mountaindale Press I started writing The Divine Dungeon series because I enjoy reading and wanted to create a world all my own To my surprise and great pleasure, I found like minded people who enjoy the contents of my mind Publishing my stories has been an incredible blessing thus far and I hope to keep you entertained for years to come Find me here MountaindalePress.comFacebook.com TheDivineDungeonPatreon.com DakotaKroutTwitter.com DakotaKroutDiscord.gg 8vjzGA5

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    Odd little LitRPG 3.5 starsThis is one of those novels that kind of celebrate being a RPG geek As anyone who ever made a characters and entered a dungeon will know Dungeons are weird Well if you think a

  2. says:

    Squares Debut Novel, Indie Author, Audiobook, Non human POVI am burning through Indie Authors recently and I m enjoying myself so much This book is going to be pretty audience specific, after reading Andrew Rowe

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    If Like me you re an old hand at adventuringyou ve traveled multiple worlds in different universes fighting and conquering with different and varied groups of co adventurers or even on your own then you ve been there You

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    Abandoned I listened through six chapters two hours I just couldn t get into it Too silly for me, particularly the tedious mechanics and the dialogues between the dungeon and the sprite or whatever sidekick The storytelling is pa

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    So, maybe you know these people They like to watch other people playing video games on youtube Like to watch people doing their walk through not because they re stuck int heir own game but to watch the game It s a thing, btw Okay, hold th

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    This was an OK LitRPG story It was nothing special or standout but it was readable if not particularly exciting or memorable It was a Dungeon Core style LitRPG story I usually love Dungeon Core LitRPG but I think this one suffered a little bit for

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    I wanted to DNF this book I almost DNF d this book I kept going back to it like some stupid guilty pleasure It kinda felt like real role playing and I kind of liked that aspect But this book has serious problems First, the writing is bad Like really bad It

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    An interesting take on Dungeon KeeperAs a fan of the original Bullfrog game and sometimes of its various remakes or modern versions , I guessed I d be interested in that book.In theory, it shouldn t really work The real reason it does work is that Krout is well awa

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    Almost GoodThe plot is reasonably interesting, but the world and characters are rather prosaic The dialogue and personality of the two main characters, Cal and Dani are fairly weak Side characters cough Dale cough feel like one dimensional cardboard cutouts I wanted to like

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    Great book Well worth the time and moneyI had recently read another story about a dungeon intelligence and was reluctant to read this as it seemed a rehash of the other book Well I gave in an read this book and was blown away A much better writing style with much greater character d

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