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Ecstasy I perfectly wasted my time reading this book, and the only reason why is because it was a gift from a friend I found it boring, meaningless and I came acroos some awful books but this is the worst. The story was ok, but there's swearing and there's an unnecessary amount of swearing in this book. Very thought provoking book for YA Combining the realities of drug overdose with the life of a refugee A must read. MaiLing, l'amie de Carrie, est une ado sage an apparence Pourtant, elle lutte contre la mort à l'hôpital, suite à une overdose d'ecstasy Carrie doit maintenant affronter la mère de MaiLing La jeune fille découvrira bientôt qu'elle n'est pas la seule à cacher d'inquiétants secrets

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