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Edward the Emu Sheena Knowles s upbeat, rhyming text and Rod Clement s expressive illustrations are sure to make readers laugh out loud Over star reviewers agree A wonderful book with a wonderful message be yourself If you buy one book for sheer fun, there s no question it should be this one San Diego Union TribuneTired of his life as an emu, Edward decides to try being something else for a change He tries swimming with the seals, he spends a day lounging with the lions, and even slithers with the snakes But Edward soon discovers that being an emu may be the best thing after allThis picture book is an excellent choice to share in the classroom or at home both adults and kids will laugh at and sympathize with Edward the Emu

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    Pretty good story, but the illustrations scared me actually, it s only the emu drawings lol

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    Poor Edward He doesn t think he gets any attention at the zoo, so he decides to become a different animal But after each day, a tourist comes along and mentions that the next animal is better until Edward decides being an emu isn t that bad Especially when he discovers he s been replaced Though not my

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    Edward the Emu is a book that teaches kids to be comfortable with who they are.It tells the story of an Emu named Edward who keeps wanting to be other animals, claiming they are the best He goes and experiences life as all the different beasts, but eventually finds out being an emu is great too.

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    favorite of mine, which is good since I read it so much

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    Definitely a gorgeous Australian book Edward the Emu introduces kids to a few animals at the zoo and show the importance of being yourself.

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    Note this is not my review but the review of my daughter who can t have her own goodreads but does love herself a book Therefore I will be writing them for her She is currently 6 months old We LIKE this one Excellent book, particularly the snakes Mom needs to work on her Australian accent though We greatly

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    Lots of fun I think it would work best with a zoo theme.

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    Everyone in storytime loved listening to this book

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    This one gets 5 stars because its the first actual book Ella truly listened to all the way through She loved it Being a dad is awesome.

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    I loved the pictures especially in this book It is also a great book for discussing the issue of being comfortable with who we are and not wishing we were someone else.

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