El El Alamein: The Story of the Battle in the Words of the

El El Alamein: The Story of the Battle in the Words of the Soldiers The epic battle in Egypt between the Axis forces led by Rommel the Desert Fox and Britain s Desert Rats The battle of El Alamein, which began onOctoberheralded a decisive shift in Allied fortunes, not just in the Western Desert but in relation to the whole course of the war Churchill described the battle as Not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning Not only did the battle create the conditions which led to the final Allied victory in North Africa but it pitted the two most charismatic opposing generals Bernard Montgomery Monty against Erwin Rommel The Desert Fox against each other in a decisive and epic encounter El Alameinis a day to day narrative of the fighting whilst also building up a coherent picture of the overall strategic position John Sadler shows how the conflict unfolded from the perspective of the actual combatants, the effectiveness of weapons and tactics, and the nature and importance of ground This was the battle that defined both the Afrika Corps and the British th Army, the legendary Desert Rats Hitler s fanatic insistence that his forces should not cede ground, caused the destruction of a significant part of Rommel s army El Alamein, like Stalingrad, marks the end of the opening phase of Axis victories and sweeping gains and ushered in the slow but inexorable drive to final Allied triumph

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About the Author: John Sadler

Born in 1953, John Sadler has law degrees from Northumbria University and the University of Westminster A part time lecturer in military history at Sunderland University Centre for Lifelong Learning, he is currently studying toward a PhD in history and is soon to begin an Imperial War Museum Fellowship in Holocaust Studies He is the author of over 20 books, including Scottish Battles, published by Birlinn in April 2010 He is married with two children and lives in Newcastle.

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