Engineering for Sustainable Communities: Principles and

Engineering for Sustainable Communities: Principles and Practices Sponsored by the Committee on Sustainability of the American Society of Civil EngineersEngineering for Sustainable Communities Principles and Practices is a comprehensive resource for sustainable engineering methods throughout the lifecycle of infrastructure projects and systems As stewards of the nation s infrastructure, civil engineers are called to lead and advocate for sustainable design, programs, and development This book provides the tools to support engineers in this effortDrawing on the expertise of thanauthors, this book is divided in to four topic areas First, chapters define sustainability and give historical background on the roles played by civil engineers, infrastructure systems, and pioneering projects in making communities sustainable and resilient Second, engineering principles and infrastructure specific sustainable practices are examined in detail Third, a collection of case studies focuses on sustainable engineering practices in real world situations These case studies cover buildings, transportation networks, water resources, urban development, and industrial facilities Finally, the book includes additional resources, as well as looks at the positive and negative effects that infrastructure can have on sustainability This resource will be valuable to all practicing civil engineers, as well as engineering faculty and students interested in planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of sustainable infrastructure projects and systems

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