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Enjoy your prayer life This is not another book of tips to get your prayer life sorted or telling you why you really really ought to pray This tiny book which took me a couple of short train journeys to read will lift your eyes off of yourself, onto the relationship with the Father that Jesus has brought us into, and will get you excited for prayer No guilt tripping, only grace Enjoy Your Prayer Life isn t so much a book on how to pray, but on what prayer is and why it s a vital part of the Christian life The premise is based on John Calvin s thought that prayer is the chief exercise of faith This is a challenge as our prayer life acts as an indicator of our faith, but Mike Reeves reassures us that the fact that we re all sinners is the whole point of the Gospel He then works in depth to get our focus right and show us that our prayer life is the natural outworking of our relationship with God that we have by grace through the Son we are brought into communion with the Father by the Spirit The sho Muito bom Um livreto pequeno mas com um conte do enorme Me fez refletir bastante sobre minha vida de ora o Recomendo Um dos melhores do ano. I am becoming a big fan of these book lets that 10ofthose publishing are bringing out and frequently Whether as adapted sermons or floating chapters that form part of a series like this one , they make for perfect train ride reading, reflection and re reading Considering the fact that this book is only 48 pages in A5 sizing 46 if you don t count the cheeky 2 page adverts at the end , I will keep this review extremely brief Reeves starts by locating prayer, not on the fridge to do list , but at the very centre of a Christian s life Enter Calvin Prayer is the chief exercise of faith Reeves follows the faith thread back to the Word of God, the Gospel and the Triune life of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit His central point is that prayer is the knee jerk activity of enjoying the father son c In fact, as you grow as a Christian, you should feel not self sufficient but ever needy I loved this little book so much I can see myself rereading it every so often when I need to encourage and challenge my prayer life If you are a Christian you will benefit from this little read Highly recommend Another delightful book from Michael Reeves Super short, only 46 pages Simple enough to gobble up in just one sitting, but rich enough to chew on for many sittings.Reeves starts by defining prayer For him, following Calvin, prayer is the chief exercise of faith, so we express our belief in God, in his power and love towards us, primarily through the act of praying Then naturally he goes on to remind the reader of how good and generous and gracious our God is, so that our faith in him grows and with it our prayer This is the most delicious and tasty section of the book as Reeves explains the intimate relationship we have been brought into through the cross.He says Prayer is enjoying that the Father really is our Father But what exactly does it mean that God is a Father First it means that he is eternally begetting his Son Always he is giving life to and lavishing his love on his Son So, as Father, he is the source of all life, love and blessing and what does it mean to be the Son Eternally the Son is characterised by receiving from the Father Now if that s the relationship we ve been brought i One of the most helpful things I ve read on prayer and you can read it in 20 minutes Reeves pushes against the tendency in prayer books to glorify great pray ers We ve all heard the apocryphal story about how Luther had so much to do that he felt he must spend the first three hours of his day in prayer Luther had his own seasons of prayerlessness, as Reeves shows, and I highly doubt Luther himself would want to be glorified in the way he is today with regard to prayer Calvin called pr Sadly Most Of Us Struggle To Set Aside Time To Pray But, Fear Not, This Is Not Another Book That Will Pile On The Guilt, Simply Saying Pray Better And Often Instead, Michael Reeves Shows Us Not Only Why Prayer Is So Essential, But Also How We Can Enjoy It Too. Are you looking for a good book that would increase your appetite for prayer or maybe a work that would encourage you to think biblically about prayer Personally I think most people can always grow in prayer I know that s certainly true for me This book is what I would recommend Michael Reeves have written other helpful spiritual books for the general reading audience and this work is no different it is biblically solid while being practical but practical in a worshipful and God reverential way.You might have heard people say don t judge a book by its cover Well there s a corollary to that Don t judge a book by its size Coming in 46 pages there s a lot of solid contents than even books I have read in the past that s twice its size This booklet actually have 14 chapters though of course each chapter is very short But they are spiritually helpful I read this with my wife aloud, two chapters at a time in each devotional session After finishing these two chapters we were able to have reasonable time to talk about what we read given the chapter s size yet because the content was theological rich the discussion were meaningful.Probably the biggest take away for me from this book is the definition offered in the book It isn t original from the author and its actually from John Calvin I won t give away the whole book but its suffice for the review to say that it s a good definition and it doesn t make prayer reductionistic while capturing t If you re anything like me, you get yourself gummed up thinking too hard about prayer rather than just praying Do I believe well enough What if I don t feel like it Do I really fake it until I make it All these questions indicate you re not thinking in the Livro curto, mas transformador Um alerta contra a falta de uma vida de ora o, mas tamb m contra ora es mec nicas que nos levam somente a orar com o senso de dever Esse livro nutre nosso prazer pela pr tica da ora o, nos desperta ao deleite do que, diria Calvino, ser o principal exerc cio da f.

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He is also theological advisor for Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship UCCF , a charity supporting evangelism in higher education throughout the United Kingdom He was previously associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place and holds a doctorate in systematic theology from King s College London.

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