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Epic: Legends of Fantasy There is a sickness in the land Prophets tell of the fall of empires, the rise of champions Great beasts stir in vaults beneath the hills, beneath the waves Armies mass Gods walk The world will be torn asunder Epic fantasy is storytelling at its biggest and best From the creation myths and quest sagas of ancient times to the mega popular fantasy novels of today, these are the stories that express our greatest hopes and fears, that create worlds so rich we long to return to them again and again, and that inspire us with their timeless values of courage and friendship in the face of ultimate evil tales that transport us to the most ancient realms, and show us the most noble sacrifices, the most astonishing wonders Now acclaimed editor John Joseph Adams Wastelands, The Living Dead brings you seventeen tales by today s leading authors of epic fantasy, including George R R Martin A Song of Ice and Fire , Ursula K Le Guin Earthsea , Robin Hobb Realms of Elderlings , Kate Elliott Crown of Stars , Tad Williams Of Memory, Sorrow Thorn , Patrick Rothfuss The Kingkiller Chronicle , and Return again to lands you ve loved, or visit magical new worlds Victory against the coming darkness is never certain, but one thing s for sure your adventure will be epicTable of Content Homecoming by Robin Hobb The Word of Unbinding by Ursula K Le Guin The Burning Man by Tad Williams As the Wheel Turns by Aliette de Bodard The Alchemist by Paolo Bacigalupi Sandmagic by Orson Scott Card The Road to Levinshir by Patrick Rothfuss Rysn by Brandon Sanderson While the Gods Laugh by Michael Moorcock Mother of All Russiya by Melanie Rawn Riding the Shore of the River of Death by Kate Elliott The Bound Man by Mary Robinette Kowal The Narcomancer by N K Jemisin Strife Lingers in Memory by Carrie Vaughn The Mad Apprentice by Trudi Canavan Otherling by Juliet Marillier The Mystery Knight by George R R Martin

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    Homecoming by Robin Hobb 5 stars That is a rich, vivid, intriguing beginning story about the legends of the Rain Wilds River and its people I love it The Word of Unbinding by Ursula K Le Guin 4.5 stars A short story about a magician trapped in a cellar trying to fight off a mysterious powerful evil mage who no one has ever seen, who tries t

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    This was a pretty great anthology I was probably destined to like it because it s pretty hard for me to dislike most kinds of fantasy This is also different than some anthologies because the editor didn t commission pieces for this book, but collected them from other already published sources I sampled a lot of authors I ve been meaning to try fo

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    This anthology was a very nice surprise although it contains a lot of well known names, I have discovered new ones for me and was delighted by the stories.Some are fragments from novels and the others were already published before in other magazines or anthologies, but for me they were all a first reading.Here are my thoughts on them Homecoming by Robi

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    I was drawn to Epic Legends of Fantasy by two names Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss I confess I was slightly disappointed to find that the selections from those two personal favorites were excerpts from novels I had already read, but their inclusion served its purpose well I wasn t familiar with the other works in the anthology, so this proved to be a

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    My first love in reading has been fantasy, and in writing, so for a change of pace from mysteries, I have begun to readfantasy after so many years away Anthologies are a great way to start getting back into stories one really loves, whether fantasy, mystery, supernatural, or any other type of book Anthologies introduce the reader to the variety of writers of each

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    This book is actually a collection of short stories, all based on the relatively broad genre Epic Fantasy It includes works from many of thefamous fantasy authors George R.R Martin or Robin Hobb and many stories written by people I had never known of I had began this book because I was hungry for a new story from my favourite author Patrick Rothfuss who had contributed

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    Overall this is a really strong collection of fantasy stories While reading these stories the main things I considered were how good is the worldbuilding this is an epic fantasy collection after all , and how well does this story stand on its own given that the majority of the tales take place within larger series These factors are in addition to the normal considerations of

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    What I love about anthologies is the chance to sample authors I have never read before but heard about a lot This one in particular made me want to readfrom Tad Williams, Melanie Rawn, and Juliet Marilier It also givespositive light on authors whose works I did not enjoy previously such as Bacigalupi, or reconfirm my liking for familiar authors such as Jemisin But then, I am also d

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    A wonderful selection of short epic fantasy HOMECOMING, by Robin Hobb aka Megan Lindholm , was the best of the lot in my opinion An excellent look at a society and culture very different from the standard fare, a strong heroine, and a remarkably tense climax.RIDING THE SHORE OF THE RIVER OF DEATH by Kate Elliott was a close second This had a great old school feel blended with a truly sat

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    Epic Legends of Fantasy, edited by John Joseph Adams, is an anthology of stories written by some of the biggest names in epic fantasy The book clocks in at over 600 pages not just because it s very difficult to tell short epic stories though some of these authors do manage to pull it off but because here the authors are not just telling epic legends, they are legends in and of themselves Georg

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