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Esperanta Antologio Esperanta Antologio, poemoj, collected by William Auld

About the Author: William Auld

William Auld was a Scottish poet, author, translator and magazine editor who wrote chiefly in Esperanto He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1999, 2004, and 2006 making him the first and only person to be nominated for works in Esperanto His magnum opus, La infana raso The Infant Race , is a long poem that, in Auld s words, explores the role of the human race in time and in the cosmos, and is based heavily on The Cantos by Ezra Pound.Auld began to learn Esperanto in 1937 but only became active in the propagation of the language in 1947, and from then on wrote many works in Esperanto He edited various magazines and reviews, including Esperanto en Skotlando 1949 1955 , Esperanto 1955 1958, 1961 1962 , Monda Kulturo 1962 1963 , Norda Prismo 1968 1972 , La Brita Esperantisto 1973 1999 and Fonto 1980 1987 He was the Vice President of the World Esperanto Association 1977 1980 , president of the Academy of Esperanto 1979 1983 , and honorary president of the Esperanto PEN Centre.In 2001, he donated his large personal collection of Esperanto literature to the Scottish National Library, where it is now housed.

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