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Exquisite Revenge All s fair in love and revenge Jesse Moriarty s whole life has been about one thing making sure her father pays for the pain he caused their family Her goal s in sight, but there s one man standing in her way Luc SanchisKidnapped and stranded on a Greek island, with only his intriguing and stunning captor, Luc must uncover her secrets if he s going to get off this island and back to business There s only one way that s sure to work seductionNow, with the tables turned, who will come out on top

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    I love Abby Green s books but WOW.Ithan loved Exquisite Revenge.The story of Jessie Moriarty and Luc Sanchis is just too fabulous and filled with so many many SURPRISES And the biggest one of all ROLE REVERSAL Now before anyone thinks that we will have a wimp hero..stop right there Yes, the strong, gorgeous, beyond rich and sexy alpha male is still t

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    Where to begin The heroine wants revenge on her abusive father by burying his business Fine She s an IT genius with her own company and has the ways and means Hero is standing in her way so she kidnaps him to a uninhabited Greek island she is renting.Great that s a fun way to get these two together The problem is that the heroine trembles and frets an

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    How often do we get a heroine that kidnaps a Hero Almost never This was excellent until they started to have sex like bunnies and nothing made sense after that, both behaved contrarily and it just went downhill What a waste, it was going so well Heroine wants vengeance against a horribly abusive father who was responsible for her mother s death She had

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    As we know from AG s work she tells a good story which is well written, flows easy and is gripping Yes this is a revenge story, but it is not the norm nor is it what you would expect.Would happily recommend to all Harlequin readers.

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    I hate this book so freakin much.On my revenge by heroine HP book search, I came across this book It looked right up my alley, despite the fact that it s a newer HP, rather than being vintage 70s 90s, which is what I prefer The heroine hates her father, with good reasons he s an a hole , and now that she s a rich self made woman who owns her own IT softw

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    This is an intensely emotional read It s no wonder Abby Green is a fav author of mine I was hooked from the first page and I couldn t stop reading till the end.This book has it all Strong and very well developed characters, spicy banter, exquisite setting, scorching passion and intense emotions Even the cover is just fabulous The title says it all But if

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Esta novela me gust bastante salvo por algunas cosas Situaciones muy inveros miles AUN para un Harlequin ejemplo raptar a un magnate de metro ochenta, drogarlo y resumir todo en l despert en una cama Qui n lo llev hasta ah , si la prota es una pluma, todo un misterio Ella dando

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    I gave 3 stars to Exquisite Revenge because the story and the heroine entertained me in a good and bad way In some parts of the book I read it by listening to a British female voice narrator as I drove to work home and in my free time I would literally read the chapters Well, I listened to some of the erotic scenes of the book so I m sure if the other drive

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    Ok, so this review is a little late better late than never right , but I just had to add it It s very rare for me to get excited about modern HP s nonetheless, this is one of those elusive gems and I have to confess Abby Green is fast becoming my go to writer for when I crave a shot of contemporary romance For starters, this story is refreshingly original es

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Another cracker from Ms Green which takes a lot of risks with its plot and characters and pulls it off This has a great twist in the usual HP revenge plot with the heroine not only kidnapping the hero for a change but also being as rich and successful as he is Despite pushing the

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