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Forbidden Hearts OPPOSITES ATTRACT Millicent Fitzroy had known Taggart O Rahilly from the time they were both children But the Taggart she saw standing in front of her on her wedding day was not the same as the boy she remembered He had grown into the most gorgeous man she had ever seen His broad shoulders, curly black hair and seductive smile made her whole body quiver with electrifying anticipation He had disrupted her wedding and now was claiming her as his own Millicent knew that Taggart had become wealthy and successful and that her own father was completely broke So if Taggart wanted her, she had no choice but to go and the scary part was that she craved to be his body and soul PASSIONS DENIED Taggart O Rahilly had not forgotten his days as a stable boy on the Fitzroy estate He wanted Millicent, partly because she was a symbol of all that he was told he could never have a forbidden fruit But , he desired her because her beauty was unequaled Taggart had known many women, but none had the spark of passion that Millicent displayed, a raw energy burning underneath the surface that excited him like no other He longed to wrap her wild curls around his fingers, to kiss her creamy flesh and to commit to memory the uniting of their FORBIDDEN HEARTS

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