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A family with an ancient curseAnd the girl who will change their lives foreverIt s Valentines Day and you know what that means lots of chocolates for the cutest boys at school In this case, it s a pretty close tie between hot headed Kyo Sohma and Prince Charming Yuki Sohma Of course the kind hearted Tohru, guest of the Sohma family, has chocolates for everyone But when White Day comes around, what will the Sohma family give her in return Fruits Basket, Vol. 3

About the Author: Natsuki Takaya

Name in native language Natsuki Takaya Takaya Natsuki, real name Naka Hatake is the penname of a Japanese manga artist best known for creating the series Fruits Basket She was born on July 7, 1973 Tanabata Takaya is left handed and once revealed that she wanted to be a mangaka since first grade, when her sister started drawing She was born in Shizuoka, Japan, but was raised in Tokyo, where she made her debut in 1992 She enjoys video games such as the Final Fantasy series or Sakura Wars, or working on her different manga series, such as Fruits Basket, which is the second best selling sh jo manga ever in Japan, and the top selling sh jo manga in North America Fruits Basket has also been adapted into a twenty six episode anime series In 2001, Takaya received a Kodansha Manga Award for sh jo manga for Fruits Basket.According to Takaya in a sidebar of a Fruits Basket manga volume , she enjoys drawing girls girly onesthan she does boys Takaya also enjoys electronics and music, but dislikes talking about herself Also revealed in a sidebar of Fruits Basket, Takaya broke her drawing arm left after Fruits Basket volume six was published She had to go into surgery, and as a result, had put Fruits Basket on a brief hiatus Takaya made a full recovery, but complains that her handwriting had gotten uglier, due to the surgery During her hospital stay, she gained an interest in baseball.

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    This volume is Kyo In the third volume of Fruits Basket, the story and characters really begin to get into their groove The illustrations, both chibi and realistic, are just perfect at capturing the feel of this story During this installment, we follow Tohru as she attempts and due to certain events fails to complete her schools endurance t

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    Flails OH MY GOD HARU WAS IN THIS VOLUME AND IT EXCITES ME SOOOOOOO MUCH TO SEE HIM IN ACTION HOW I LOVE THIS MAN BOY COW WHATEVER YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN Piano falls on head Oof _ thanks I needed that I got a bit too fangirly there heh Ahem Anyway, as you probably already know I love this volume of Fruits Basket Mostly for Haru but also becauset

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    So cute I adore this series In this volume we really get to see just how kind and caring Tohru is How she puts others happiness before her own She really is super sweet Yet still naive Shigure I was really liking but this volume I am really arching my eyebrows in his direction He is up to something shady Adds new intrigue as well to this series I

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    I am hardcore shipping Tohru and Kyo and it s only VOLUME THREE I have no shame This from a previous Tohru x Yuki shipper til like the very end too Every time they have one of their deep conversations and get to know each other better or Kyo does something really nice for Tohru, it makes my insides go all gooey

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    Not gonna lie, I m still a little bit in love with Kyo Sohma to this day.

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    5 5 stars.First book of the year I ve just decided to reread this series again, I love it so much Third time rereading it and I still notice things I never noticed before D

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    I ll give it oneshot with Volume 4, but I really don t know that this series is for me.

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    In my previous Fruits Basket review, I advised anyone reading to take caution If you haven t already seen the anime in which case you should or read the previous volumes in which case you should , I d highly advise avoiding this particular review too.You re welcome.So anyways, Volume 3 of Fruits Basket After being briefly introduced to Hatsuharu Sohma in the pr

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    5 5 stars I m fallingandin love with this series all over again And Haru We got to meet Haru

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    I love that we are getting to meet other members of the zodiac sign while still focusing on the relationship of our central characters These boys and their love for Tohru will be the death of me It s so refreshing to get sweet, kind, and considerate love interests in a manga Usually it s just the side love interest who s kind while the main guy ends up being a jerk I

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