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Fuzzy Thinking Reading Fuzzy Thinking Bart Kosko Sprinterenvy.com An Authoritative Introduction To Fuzzy Logic Brings Readers Up To Speed On The Smart Products And Computers That Will Change All Of Our Lives In The Future.

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    Fuzzy Thinking The New Science of Fuzzy Logic, Bart Kosko 1999 1377 340 1380 1384 20 1865 Fuzzy Thinking The New Science of Fuzzy Logic, Bart Kosko 1999 1377 340 1380 1384 20 1865 80 1990

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    Its the singer, not the song and I didn t finish this book after the basic concept had been explained and it got repetitive I like the concept and had come to a lot of the same conclusions myself reading philosophy when I should have been studying harder for engineering getting bitterly disappointed with AI andinterested in ANN gettin

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    Most of the book is a lengthy, lame, boring and fuzzy introduction to the concept of fuzziness Long sections are dedicated to claiming how clever the author is alongside with his mentor and some other people he likes and about how all of them have suffered because their talent and ...

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    Probablyor less ok This book took me 20 years to get around to reading It wasn t worth the wait but I m still glad I read it.

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    I haven t read others opinions of this book I have a suspicion it will have been debunked by many reviews This book explained a very valuable metaphor for thinking about imperfect information and uncertainty Unfortunately, fuzzy logic was oversimplified in the collective consciousness, and then was dismissed as nothingthan probability.Fu

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    Mostly boring If you are into electronics, you might find this book interesting There are islands of interesting bits in a sea of mundane text.I won t say that the book was boring It was certainly informative But I think the author could have done a better job of arrangin...

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    Bart Kosko is undoubtedly a very clever man In fact, you d say he s some kind of polymath, throwing maths and philosophy at the page in wild, untrammelled abandon Undoubtedly, as a hyper intellectual hippie sort of character, he decided he needed some pop science publish...

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    the author Bart Kosko is a bright active mind He is writing with lots of enthusiasm But while reading his book i really liked to ask him to cool down.Gets a up thumb from me.

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