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Ghost Child InVictorian police were called to a home on a housing estate an hour west of Melbourne There, they found a five year old boy lying on the carpet There were no obvious signs of trauma, but the child, Jacob, died the next dayThe story made the headlines and hundreds attended the funeral Few people were surprised when the boy s mother and her boyfriend went to prison for the crime Police declared themselves satisfied with the result, saying there was no doubt that justice had been doneAnd yet, for years rumours swept the estate and clung like cobwebs to the long vacant house there had been a cover up The real perpetrator, at least according to local gossip, was the boy s six year old sister, Lauren Twenty years on, Lauren has created a new life for herself, but details of Jacob s death begin to resurface and the story again makes the newspapers As Lauren struggles with the ghosts of her childhood, it seems only a matter of time before the past catches up with her

About the Author: Caroline Overington

Caroline Overington is an Australian author and journalist She has worked for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and is is currently a staff writer for The Weekend Australian Magazine Caroline is a two time winner of the Walkley Award for Investigative Journalism She won her first Walkley for a series of articles about a literary fraud, and her second for a series about the AWB oil for food scandal.She is also a winner of the Sir Keith Murdoch prize for excellence in Journalism and of the Blake Dawson Prize Caroline has published five books Her first, Only in New York, was about working as a foreign correspondent in Manhattan.Her second, Kickback, was about the UN oil for food scandal It won the Blake Dawson Prize for Business Literature.Her first novel, Ghost Child, is about a child murdered by his parents.Her second, I Came To Say Goodbye, takes the form of a letter from a grandfather to a Supreme Court judge It was shortlisted for both the Fiction Book of the Year, and overall Book of the Year, in the 2011 Australian Book Industry Awards.Her latest novel, published in October 2011, is called Matilda is Missing It is set in the Family Court, and it is about a couple s war over custody of their two year old daughter, Matilda Caroline s books are proudly published by Random House Australia.Caroline is a mother of delightful, 11 year old twins She lives with her kids, her husband, a blue dog, and a lizard, in Bondi.

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    Caroline Overington s writing style is really easy to read Again she s written chapter by chapter from different characters perspectives She nails the voices of various Aussies the cop, the foster carer, the underprivileged and abused I enjoyed the voice of the police officer, very salt of the earth, and also I think she captures the essence of the 1980 s as well It just all sounds real The way she writes, you seem to just fall into the peoples

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    It actually took me a while to figure out this book was fiction Find it brilliant to write a book like this I wish I had thought of it I really liked this book the characters are so interesting and the whole story could very well have been a true crime I think the semi bad reviews on this side about the book is mainly by people who began reading it, expecting the crime and Jacob to be the main focus The book isabout what happens to the remaining membe

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    Although this is still a worthy read, I must admit that I was expecting to like itthan I did I found the alternating narrator something I usually like to be a distraction from the story I also thought that the original victim in tbis story quickly became a bit second hand to the stories of the other characters and that is a shame However at the end of the book it becomes evident that there are many victims in such situations.

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    Amazing story I loved it The different voices and different views are so well written The author swaps seamlessly from voice to voice, like the harried social worker DOCS , struggling to do the right thing while being tied by protocol, to a police officer who has seen it all before, to a foster mother who struggles with becoming too attached to her foster children, to reporters who see the shock factor in the story, to the now grown up children around whom the scan

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    Short commentary as this was read for our face to face bookclub meeting yesterday Lovers of this book will be pleased to know I was very much in the minority because I really did not like this book Partially that s because of some stereotypical coincidences between the characters in this and the last book by the same author read damaged fragile women andbalanced carefree despite trials blokes Partially it s because there was so much telling it felt like there d be an exam

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    I absolutely loved this book This is the second time I have read it but I was still guessing throughout the whole book what happened to Jacob Cashman Like other reviews I ve read, I had to keep reminding myself that this book was fiction Caroline Overington has done so well with this book that I m looking forward to reading manyof her novels.

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    This is a smart, suspenseful story, plainly told When a young boy is found dead, his family is split up the mother is sent to prison for murder his three siblings wind up in various homes, private state For one of them, this is a kind of salvation, though he later takes to drinking His sisters fare worse, falling into unhappy early sexual relations with a variety of ill suited suitors I could draw conclusions about safety hope the tragedy that is family life for so many young peop This

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    Back in 1982 a five year old boy dies after apparently being bashed by strangers on his way home from the shops Immediate suspicion is cast on the story being told by his mother and her boyfriend and much speculation and scandal haunt the Barrett housing estate, west of Melbourne for years to come Although the case is gradually forgotten, it is suddenly thrust back into the spotlight almost 30 years later when the sister of the victim faces court on an unrelated manner Will the real story fin

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    This could easily have been a true story in fact, I sought out the statement at the front of the book that declared it was fiction just to make sure It has an awful sense of realism about it and maybe that s why the story itself ends up being almost inconsequential More than anything else, this is a character study, an extraordinary character study presented in beautifully simple writing by a very fine writer.Lauren Cashman, now known as Lauren Cameron, has lived a tragic life The oldest of This cou

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    This is the very first book I have read since i was in school a very long time ago its story kept me interested all the way through, and has started me on a new journey Relax and read.

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